Saturday, October 24, 2009

Days Fly By - is it nearly November?

I have to apologize to all those folks who popped by in recent weeks, wondering why this blog seemed frozen in time... actually frozen in Nuit Blanche - Sleepless Night, to be precise.

It seems time has gotten away from me. Trips up north to my Collingwood hideaway, long days at work, NaNoWriMO planning (yes - the madness starts next week), wonderful nights out listening to some fabulous live music at my local Liberty Bistro and what can I say? The weeks have slipped by.

The picture above is my favourite spot when I go up to my place in Collingwood - the Gazebo at the end of the sea wall.  I took this picture as the sun came up last weekend.  Sure is nice 

I am preparing for my NaNoWriMo month.  I will sum up to say it is an International writing motivational event - aimed at challenging anyone who wants to write a novel to get their finger out and spend one focused month doing that.  For those who are not familiar with this you can go here to find out more.  I have been busy for some time trying to plan this effort and weave together some ideas I have for a futuristic (almost) sci fi novel I have in mind.  I am not nearly as prepared as I feel I should be at this point.  Therefore this post will not be as long as it might otherwise.  But I did feel the need to pop into the blogsphere and provide a bit of an update about my whereabouts.

But before I pop back out into novel planning land I will spend a few minutes absolutely raving about the wonderful music I have been enjoying at the  Liberty Bistro.   I have written about Liberty Bistro and the music I have enjoyed there a few times.  The other blogs were all about the Tuesday open mic nights there where Rude Jake rules.  More recently I have been going on a Wednesday night when Noah Zacharin reins supreme.

These nights have been wonderful with not only great music by Noah Zacharin himself, but also an assortment of other musicians who seem to pop by and just amaze with the talent at this small village bistro setting.  It is a little like sitting in your living room with a bunch of friends who all coincidentally are musicians.   The music is always great and the mood cozy,  and the musicians and patrons warm and friendly.  Usually there are more musicians in the audience than "ordinary folk" like me.  It is a special treat when Noah decides to accompany whoever might be on stage at the moment. His guitar skill always adds a lot to the performance.  This week I was particularly pleased when Noah decided to do a Leonard Cohen tune - it was great. 

Just a few of the musicians at recent Wednesday evenings which deserve special mention are  Onofrio Virdo -who is incredible with his wonderful classical/Spanish guitar and   who also plays at the local second cup on a Wednesday night;  Rehan Dalal who graced us this week with his fabulous blues guitar and vocals ths week and just blew everyone away.

In any event, I must stop blogging and get back to novel planning - NaNoWriMo is only a week away!

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