Things To Do in Toronto

Note: this is a work in progress.  I am going to add my blog links to those places and events I have written about and improve upon the written descriptions and links.
Things to Do In Toronto
I went – I saw – I did
1.      Visited the  CN Tower  ate at the revolving  restaurant  it's called 360) located in the main sky pod in the CN Tower  The price includes admittance to the viewing tower and the upper deck with the glass floor to look down from on high.  It was so long ago that I went that I am hoping to host an out of town visitor soon as an opportunity to go again.  It is "fine" dining, by which I mean pricey and the food is not as good as the view - but the view is what you are paying for so go when the sky is clear for sure!
2.       Skated at Nathan Phillips Square – best during weekday evenings – fewer people and great ice.  Hazardous during weekends given crowds of fast young boys and wobbly Canadian new comers.
3.     Shopped at Honest Ed’s  During my growing up years my Aunt Sheila and cousins lived near Honest Eds and we would trek down to visit and go shopping.  I grew up hearing about the great bargains to be had there.  It is like a Walmart’s in No Frills style.
4.      Stolled the boardwalk at The Beach.  Lived a short walk north of the Beach (also known as The Beaches).  It is my 2nd favourite place to live.  2nd only because it is soooo crowded in summertime with people from all parts of the City who want to enjoy the beach and lake and ambiance.
5.      Walked, shopped and ate on the Queen Street East strip. This runs parallel to the Beach (see above) just 3-4 blocks north and so forms the perfect circuit for a walk going one way along the boardway then up to Queen and then back again.
6.      Visit the Yonge-Dundas Square  This deserves a whole blog... One of the main places for happening things every weekend of the year just about all year round.
7.      Dinner at Canoe – 54th Floor TD Tower and many other fabulous fine restaurants in Toronto.
8.      Dim Sum at a Chinatown restaurant.
9.      Attended a 13 course wedding banquet  at a Chinatown restaurant.
10.  Shared a crab dinner in Kensington Market restaurant.  Lots of Chinese students coming and going, cheap prices and you eat with your hands.
11.  Sampled  restaurants in Danforth’s Greek Town .  Eat slovaki on the street  during Taste of the Danforth held the first weekend of August annually.
12.  Window shop in Yorkville and stop for a drink at a Yorkville watering hole to rub elbows with the rich and famous.
13.  Buy meat, fish and cheese at at St. Lawrence Market and eat  peameal bacon on a bun. Have a beer in an outdoor cafe and people watch.
14.  Attended a hockey game at the old Maple Leaf Garden’s Arena
15.  Attended baseball and numerous concerts at Skydome now Rogers Centre
16.  Attended a basketball game and a Leafs Game at Air Canada Centre.
17.  Attended a Garden Tour of Toronto Island Homes – a unique car-less eclectic residential area located in Ward’s Island on the easterly islands.
18. Coffee at Balzac's in Toronto's Historic  Distillery District.
19. Often attend at the Liberty Bistro Open Mic nights - not as an participant but to provide an appreciative audience. 
20. We Joust - attended the Midieval Times Dinner and Show an ongoing attaction at the CNE Grounds.
21. Lots of visits to  Royal Ontario Museum .  Even walking by is a treat because of the fabulous architecture of ROM's new building addition called the Crystal.   Designed by Daniel Libeskind, the Deconstructivist crystalline-form is clad in 25 percent glass and 75 percent aluminium sitting on top of a steel frame. The Crystal's canted walls do not touch the sides of the existing heritage buildings, save for where pedestrian crossing occurs and to close the envelope between the new form and the existing walls.  Go to the website to find the time periods when there is free admission.  Friday nights are half price.
22. .Another treat - the Art Gallery of Ontario. It too has had an architectural repolish in the last few years.  Again, walking by is a treat as the outwardly most characteristic element of the design  is a new glass and wood façade - the Galleria Italia - spanning 180 metres (590 ft) along Dundas Street;  The AGO has free evenings every Wed night.
23. While we are on galleries, not strictly in Toronto but in the GTA is the McMichael Gallery.  Their specialty is Canada's Group of Seven.  I had the joy of being able to visit a few years ago when I hosted a visitor from England. 

On my Bucket List as a Local To Do:
1.Immerse myself in music for a week at the Canadian Music Fest – held annually in early March
2. Sit upstairs at Union Station during rush hour
3. Tour the Steam Whistle Brewery
4. Have a hot chocolate at Soma in The Distillery District
5. Tour the CBC building during Doors Open Toronto held annually around the end of MayR
6. Do a bike tour of Toronto Island
7. Dine at Susur’s restaurant Lee and his new incarnation of his restaurant which used to be called Susur beside it (to be opened any day now) on King Street West.  Susur Lee is an international renowned Chef who has opened restaurants in several of the major centres around the world.   He also has been frequently featured on Food TV and the "Iron Chef" TV Show.
8. Take a city walking tour . I had a dozen of these on my calendar last year and didn't make a one. I hope the ROM offers them again next year.  They are free and at least last year, ran each Wed evening in a different area of the City core.
9. Go to Kensington Market on a Sunday when the local streets are closed to cars and shop and have coffee.
10. Explore restaurants in Little India in the summer
11. Take a train ride through High Park
12. Walk the entire PATH
13. Have dinner in Little Italy
14. Read in the garden at Casa Loma
15. Visit Hamilton’s Royal Botanical Gardens during lilac blossom time. Ok, this isn't Toronto...

My Growing List of Toronto Events to attend regularly:

This list could get very large! Sorry, I ran out of steam but will attend to filling out this list, adding commentary and moving it to a separate tab when time permits.
1 Tour interesting Toronto Buildings at Doors Open Toronto
2. Try new restaurants / food events at Winterlicious and at Summerlicious
3. Beaches Jazz Festival
4. Woof-fest
5. Harbour Front Events
6. Author talks and readings at International Festival of Authors October each year.
7. Jane’s Walk early May each year.
8. Caribana
9. Toronto's Historic Distillery District.
10.  Watch the Tall Ships Parade out of Toronto Harbour
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