Saturday, April 2, 2011

My New Camera - Canon SX220 HS

I bought a new camera today and I am very excited about it. It has some neat technology built in to help with low light and night shots and also has a 14x optical zoom which with the 12 megapixels allows reasonable quality zoom photos from a distance.  I feel like a spy now from my 19th floor balcony!

When the special "hand held night shot assist" is used the camera takes several shots in a burst and somehow arrives at one decent photo - so you can do a longer exposure without a tripod!

Can you spot the areas I have zoomed into below from the pictures above?

It also has a photo burst mode which allows it to shoot like a machine gun -- the idea being that if the figure is in motion you will get good shots of the action. I wish I had this camera at the hockey game last week - I kept missing the players as they had zoomed right out of sight by the time I pushed the camera trigger.

Bella wasn't moving when I took the photos below but I put together a collage of the resulting pictures so you can see the effect.

There is also an indoor low light assist mode which should help my next set of pictures from Hugh's Room be of much superior quality than the last ones.  With all these camera features and full HD movie capture features as well, this is a real treat for me!

It is going to take time to learn all the new features, but since my last camera was a Canon it should not be too difficult as the controls are very similar. 
After posting the blog I realized that I had not included a picture of my new camera - and in fact it might be interesting to show my old and new Canon cameras side by side. So I got my BlackBerry out and snapped a few different views of both cameras.


  1. Here I am spending my money on frivolous things while you are spending your money on practical items. Oh, well.

    I would say, have fun with your new camera, Peggy, but it appears you are well on the way to doing just that without any outside encouragement.

  2. Congratulations on the purchase of your new camera!

  3. thanks for the little tour of your new camera! i am thinking about getting this model and just found your site through a google search. i too, have had the same canon for about 6 yrs now.. looking forward to getting a newer, lighter one!


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