Travel Plans - No Urgency but Someday...

I have been making my list of "golden years" travel plans and to be honest, I have decided to start them early... Not sure how or when I will do all these things but I plan to fit them in (and more) over the next 10 years before I retire. Given that I work on contract I am lucky enough to be able to take time between contracts and I expect to do a good deal of that in the coming years.

I intend on adding to this list - and of course substituting a travel blog when I do actually get to make the trips.

1.  Travel the Camino de  Santiago - Spain's Pilgrim's Way

This map shows all the routes along Europe's version of the "Pilgrim's Way" - The Camino de Santiago or The Way of Saint James.  It is is a trek from various places in Europe to Santiago de Compostela where tradition has it that the remains of the apostle Saint James are buried. It is a very ancient Christian pilgrimage route.  I am planning to do this trek sometime between Spring 2011 and Spring 2012, depending on my work obligations, because it will require 6 weeks off work.

Doing the leg straight up the centre of Spain, about 1,000 KM is what I have in mind.  I have talked my friend Barb into joining me, but when it comes down to the crunch, if circumstances are such that Barb can't come, I am quite prepared to do it alone.

Incidentally,  there is also a British pilgrimage route called   "The Pilgrim's Way" which winds its way to the to the shrine of Thomas Becket at Canterbury in Kent. Maybe if I conquer Spain maybe Britain can be added to my list!

2.  Extended stay in Cuba to take Spanish lessons and lodging at a Casa Particular.

I am thinking I will stay in or near Havana - maybe Havana's Eastern Beaches at least for some of the time. I understand that the University of Havana has reasonably priced Spanish language lessons. I am thinking maybe 1-2 months, but with work commitments maybe I will start with one 3 or 4 week stretch.

The plan was to fit it in before the Camino trip so that I would have a bit of Spanish vocabulary... but that plan got nixed when I picked up my latest work contract and I will be working flat out until that is over and I am at the mercy of my client on that one and won't know whether I am there for the next 18 months solid or if they are going to be able to let me go in advance of the project end date.   

3.  Attend the Festival in the Desert 

Festival in the Desert is held in Essakane, Mali, Africa every January.  I blogged about the Festival in the Desert here.

Not sure when I am going to be able to do this.  I think I will need a travelling partner for this one.

4.  Experience the midnight sun during a weekend during summer solstice in Reykjavik, Iceland.

I am still cooking this one up... not sure when or how but a week is the longest it would be so how hard can that be? 

Learn about Iceland here.

Learn about Reykjavik here.

Since the sun doesn't set in Reykjavik when I am going to be there I guess I won't get to see awesome northern lights like these.

5. Return Visits to LAS VEGAS!!!  YES that is right Las Vegas!

I went there last year with my friend Barb and had a wonderful time - sure want to go back, 4 days was not enough - and I don't even gamble!

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