Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to Friends Past, Present and Future....

I haven't had any time to blog for longer than I can remember.  There are the usual excuses - too much to do with the hours I have and there is little time left to even get a half decent night's sleep.

I especially wanted to make time today to wish all my friends in the Blogsphere the very best of the holiday season.  I hope you have a great time with friends and family over the holidays and your wishes for wonderful things next year all come true.  Special thoughts of love to my dear friends who I won't be able to see this Christmas. Though you might be far away know that I still carry thoughts of you in my heart.

I have planned a new blog for the New Year. I am going to call it "Bucket List Adventures" as it will contain my travel blogs. I have not done justice as yet to my Iceland trip of the summer and I have just about completed plans for my 6 month sabbatical which will start on Feb 15th. I will keep this blog on the back burner for next July when I return from Europe and settle back into my Toronto routine.

Watch in the coming days for the first blog in my new site. I have spent a great deal of time planning my Cuba, Spain, France and Italy itineraries. It takes a lot of time to check out lodgings, points of interest and to researching equipment to take on a 1,000 KM trek not to mention the training program I have started in earnest. Lots to do.

I have discovered that the University of Havana intakes new Spanish Languages students each month.  So after a couple of weeks of R & R treking Cuba, during the month of March I will be taking a 4 week language course in Havana. 

For my Europe leg of my holiday 6 weeks will be spent in Spain walking the Camino - The Pilgrim's Trail via the Via de la Plata route. After that it is France and Italy for the remaining 6 weeks. One can only remain in the EU for 90 days in each 180 days and long term visas seem impossible to get. So I will return to Canada with enough time to maybe have a bit of a trip to the East Coast before I am back to work in September.

I will put a link to my travel blog on this site when I get the inaugural post finished.
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