Where am I?

One Foot in Toronto and the Other in Collingwood

Where is Toronto?

Above is a map of the Province of Ontario, which in the inset shows its placement in the Country of Canada.  Ontario is one of Canada's 9 Provinces. We also have 2 Territories.   Ontario contains the point of land which is most southerly, Point Pele which is frequented by birders.  You can go to the "I'm Canadian" tab to see a map of the entire country.

Toronto is on the north-west shore of Lake Ontario.  The GTA or "Golden Horseshoe" as the Greater Toronto Area is called is a semi circle extending from Hamilton on the western shore up to Newmarket on the north and Whitby on the east.

I share my time between my city condo in Toronto  and my "cottage country" condo in Collingwood.  My Toronto home is on the 19th floor of an apartment condo in an area in Toronto called Liberty Village, less than 2 km from the epi-centre of the City of Toronto on the shores of Lake Ontario.

The map above shows sections of Toronto divided by Postal Code.  I am in "M6K" which is just above the words "Island Airport" on the map. 

I spend most of my time working in the Financial District in the heart of Toronto right by Lake Ontario. For the work week and during most of the winter I live full time in my Liberty Village Condo, which is a 25 minute walk from work.  There are numerous blogs which describe the area I live in Go here to learn about the new residential construction in the area  and here to learn more generally about Liberty Village art and culture (it is a pretty unique area with artist live/work spaces combined with high tech and design industrial office space and now a growing segment of  "we love living downtown" folks.  Go here to learn about my new Liberty Towers Condo I moved into this condo in December 2010.  My previous residence was in Liberty Village also.  I have enjoyed living here for the past 3 years.

I am happily tethered to what we refer to the Downtown area,  (south is down, right?) and will admit to loving my inner city life.  That said, I also enjoy my weekend escape at my Collingwood Shangri-La, 2 hours north of the City.  It is a resort condo in a ski area and on one of Ontario's Great Lakes - Georgian Bay.  I rent it out for the ski season, so I am in Toronto for the most part all winter.

Where is Collingwood?

Collingwood, ON, Canada

My Collingwood Shangri-La is in a 4 season resort community called Rupert's Landing (Rupert was the builder)  just on the outskirts of Collingwood on the shores of Georgian Bay just minutes from the Blue Mountain ski hills.  If you want to see where my Collingwood Shangri-La is you need to click on the south Georgian Bay area of the Ontario  map above.    Georgian Bay is not marked on the map above for some reason, but it is the large bay coming off  Lake Huron.  To locate Lake Huron look for "L Huron" written on the map on the left of the centre major body of water.   Then look for a body of water which adjoins and extends from the north-east shore of Lake Huron - that is Georgian Bay.  Collingwood (the nearest city marked on this map is Barrie) and White's Bay are on the southern tip of Georgian Bay.

For a close up of Collingwood and the exact location of my Rupert's Landing Shangri-La go here to Collingwood, ON, Canada where Google Maps even have a street view of the Rupert's Landing Gated Community's entrance and you can see an aerial view of White's Bay.

For more pictures and description of my Collingwood Shangri-La go here.   I have more detailed maps of  Collingwood, White's Bay and Rupert's Landing on this posting.

So now you know where I live.

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