Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tax Time and a New Car

Sorry my friends, going to have to skip a meaningful post today, I just have too much on the cooker. Not to sound like I am whining, but it is 5:00 a.m. and I have been awake for 30 minutes - got to get into work early today. Most days these days I have been arriving at 7:00 and often don't leave until 7:00 at night.  Work is particularly stressful and I am not a happy camper about this 10-12 hours of my day, mainly because I get home to brain dead to do much of anything.

Aside from this I have been diligently working on my income tax and business bookkeeping in this last week in preparation for the end of April deadline.   It seems my accountant found some errors in my record keeping and I will need to file an amended T4.  I knew that big fat refund check I had calculated I was due was too good to be true!  I am thinking I should hire a book keeper - I just can't seem to get my business books properly attended to.  :(

But most importantly - tonight I am leaving work at 4:00 and going to pick up my new car! I need to write a full blog around the story of my new car - and I promise that next - maybe even tonight when I can actually post some real pictures but for now I will leave you with the following:


  1. We have Bob's brother do our taxes for us. We always dreaded the chore of doing them ourselves. That's exciting news about picking up your car!

  2. I don't care about your taxes... What a car!!!! Wow! Have fun with it!


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