Sunday, September 19, 2010

Centurion Weekend at Blue Mountain

 This weekend was the Centurion Cycling Event at Blue Mountain.  I haven't the time to do really do justice in this blog about the event, however did want to post some pictures and to tell about the free concert which was held at the Village of Blue late yesterday afternoon as part of the weekend long event.  

I slipped up to the Village to have a listen and hang out to watch the band.  It started to pour rain just before the concert started, so I did not venture out until an hour after the start and so did not catch the opening act, The Watchmen.  I did catch the headliner, 54•40 who are  a well known Canadian alternative rock group from British Columbia.

I captured a few bits and pieces of the Concert on my admittedly "almost good enough" camera, which will capture videos as well.  It is just over 6 minutes long and offers up the flavour of the event.  We were happily rocking at the event despite the rain.

For those who are not familiar with Canada's 54-40 the following is the complete version of one of the tunes they did at the concert.  The  quality of my little Video is pretty bad - gives you an idea of what was happening but you will have a better appreciation of the band if you watch this You Tube.

Some Photos from the Centurion's, 100 Mile Gran Fondo or Cyclosportive event, which was held today. It took a bit of doing to figure out what point would put me ahead of the pack and in position for some good photos, given I decided not to get up and out the the Village to see the start at 7:30.  I hit the route at three different points and finally got a postition ahead of the race and took some shots as they approached me.
The Leader (#49) is well ahead of the pack as they approached Highway 4 on County Road 63.

Second in the Race flashed me a smile as he flew by.
The Leading Pack is just behind #558.
They fly by.... the 2nd pack is 10 minutes behind.

For the full set of pictures check out my Picasa Album Blue Mountain Centurion Sept 18 & 19 2010.  
If you know someone who was in the Centurion, go here for the list of partipants in order of completion time.  The best time was for Ed Veal of Queensville,  with a time of 4:52:43.3.  Pretty awsome for a distance of 100 miles / 160 KM of up and down.


  1. I quite like the band sound. Thanks for these snippets into your life.

    Greetings from London.

  2. Well, it seems you managed to have a fine time during your weekend, Peggy, rain or no rain. Based on some of the photographs, I could visualize snow and skiers on the slopes in the distance, and thought of winter in the not-too-distant future.

    The name of one band made me smile. Being a historian of a minor order, the thought that immediately entered my mind was the Nineteenth Century slogan, "54-40 or Fight."

    I just learned this morning that Ted Nugent was out and about prowling the streets at a "rib fest" in the town where my South Dakota residence once was centered. He comes around there frequently on hunting trips into Dakota and Nebraska. He did not perform, though, just stuffed himself with ribs.

    You have an interesting and an informative post here. I enjoyed it.

  3. You got good pictures of the bicyclists. It sounds like you made the best of a rainy weekend. I've never heard of 54-40, but I liked the song on YouTube that you shared with us.


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