Saturday, December 11, 2010

After a bit of a Hiatus...

I can finally see my head will be above water soon to resume my blogging. Perhaps after Christmas but for sure by the New Year I will be back into the swing of things with twice or more blogs churning out each week. I owe a long blog to recount the goings on in my life over the past few months, but that won't be coming just yet. Suffice to say that things are improving and I now have sufficient time in my day to look forward to a few things and as the weeks go by I will have time to get back to the things I love to do.  Not to say that there haven't been days filled with music and friends - I have managed to get out to a few concerts with friends and everyone has been so supportive during the difficult times I have been having.

The nicest part of what has been going on in my life is that I have possession of my new condo and I move there on December 23rd.  Not that moving is nice - it is not - but it is just difficult and maybe a wee bit stressful but not emotionally draining.    

Of course, the view isn't as nice as the one I have now, but those who have been following my blog know that the view is going to disappear with the construction of the condo between my currently occupied condo and the lake.  The good news is that my new place will still have a wee bit of lake view and also a view to the north west - and I will see summer sunsets.
This view from my bedroom window, to the south-west,  will remain after the new condo rises to my west.

This view due southwill be the best part of the view by this time next year.  Sadly, I lose my Toronto Island airport and beach view.

Out of this pit will rise 3 new Condos - King West Condos
This artist's rendering is from the opposite direction from the photo above.  My building faces the first one on the left, so you can see there is still a chance that I might get a view to the north west.

My current building is on the right. Guess what!  I bought another condo which will be built by 2016 and will be in the triangular area in the middle of the picture!  It will have a south unencumbered view of the lake from the 30th floor!  Hurrah!
The builder's vision for my new to be built condo.  The Liberty Place by CanAlfa is in the Centre of the Liberty Village development area and therefore the slogan is "The Centre of the Scene".  It will be 32 stories high.
Looking at my old condo from my new condo balcony.
This is my new Condo - as seen from my old condo.  It is still under construction even as they move us in!

I was listening to music today as I was packing boxes. I have grown quite the record collection in the past few years and I had my favourite 100 on shuffle on my iPhone and it was plugged into my home speaker setup. I had to stop and sit and listen to the buttery smooth sound of Melody Gardot as she sang "Undercover Lover".   I was swept away with the sultry sound.

Melody Gardot is an American jazz singer, writer and musician who lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  I have blogged about her in an earlier blog and featured her song "Les étoiles".   She has a fascinating story - as she suffered serious injury to both brain and spine in her  late teens when she was hit by a car while riding her bicycle.  Music became a therapy for her brain to learn new neural pathways.  Check out the wiki link for more details.

Lover Undercover lyrics
Songwriters: Gardot, Melody;

I don't need anything more than I got
I'll make it simple when others may not

Whenever you need some company
Some love of a different kind
Come to your lover, undercover
And let me ease your mind

Whenever your heart beats heavy
And worry has got you down
Come to your lover, undercover
And I will turn your mood around

Why you wanna leave
When it's so easy just to stay?
Lying wrapped up in my arms
Until the break of day

Why you wanna leave
When it's so easy just to stay?
Lying wrapped up in my arms
Until the break of day

Whenever you need a soft touch
Know my demands are small
Make me a lover, undercover
Or don't ever love me at all

This blog was changed on Dec 12, 2010 to add the Artist's Rendering for both new buildings included after photo #3.   Sorry, was in a rush last night to get it out and get on my way to our Condo Building's Christmas Party.


  1. Congratulations on your upcoming move! What a great Christmas present! I'm happy that things are improving for you.

  2. Thanks Linda. Yes, I am quite happy to see that things are on the uptick. I am looking forward to getting the time to get back to my blogging in the very near future. I hope that everything is good with you this Christmas. It is so nice to have friends out in the blogsphere!


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