Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Morning in Toronto

This was my view yesterday afternoon as I sat at my desk working.    A brief snow squall had slipped in from the lake and although there was a hole punched out of the clouds in the middle of the lake to let the sun shine OVER THERE - over here it was dark and there was snow in the air.  Today we are supposed to have above freezing temps and I am hoping that we will get a bit of sun rather than rain so I can get out for a long walk.

OK guys, I want to officially state for the record that I am absolutely tired of winter weather.  I wish I could get to a beach for a week, but I pretty much used up any time I have when my Dad was in hospital.  *sigh*

I am a bit ahead of the game this week as I put my blogs ahead of my other stuff this weekend and  I have written my weekday blog already.  It will be published on Monday morning as a Valentine offering to perk up the day for us single folk.

 I need to go dashing off to catch up on all my chores  now before I get to go out to play and I will leave you to enjoy some really fine music from Quebec. One of the programs I try to catch each week is CBC Radio's Jim Corcoran and his program called A Propos. He features music and cultural items from Quebec - Canada's French Province. Sadly, French Canadian musicians seldom get air time in English provinces - and it is our loss. There are some fabulous Quebecois musicians who tour Europe and France - but not English speaking Canada.  I am so glad that I can rely on the CBC - our purveyor of all things Canadian not to leave out  the other distinctive society which makes up the Canadian mosaic.

One Quebecois talent  not to be missed is Martin Leon.  His music is very sophisticated - understated and smooth as silk with jazz overtones.  As his website says - it is music with soul.    He was featured for a full hour in Jim Corcoran's program of Jan 15th. You can listen to the Podcast by going here.  After listening to the songs that Jim shared with us in the hour long program I went off to iTunes and bought many of the tunes which were featured.

I found the following You Tube video which includes two of his best from his  new album Les Atoms which was released last fall.  My favourite song of all  is the 2nd one on this Video. It is titled All In and it is has a real jazz flavour.


  1. I am tired of winter weather too! I'm afflicted with a bad case of cabin fever!

  2. I see this Sunday we both have mentioned some favorite music, Peggy. What would the world be without it?

    Unlike you, I have enjoyed two days of Spring-like weather. I cannot recall if Canadians measure the temperature by Celsius or Fahrenheit, but we have been around eight degrees Celsius or forty-five Fahrenheit. Please, keep the snow over there in Canada.


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