Thursday, December 31, 2009

BenchMark: Spring Eternal

Some time ago, I started a blog theme covering the Liberty Village art benches.  I got a bit sidetracked, as seems to often happen with my blog topics, and after covering 3 of the benches, somehow the topic got lost.  So with renewed enthusiasm I am picking up where I left off and will continue my series on the art benches in Liberty Village. If you missed my past blogs on "The Benchmark Program" or want to refresh on what they are and the ones already covered  you can read them here.

I will add that this year 4 more new art benches have been added within our village.  I think that is fabulous and I applaud our BIA for the initiative. 

I am going to present one or two of the Liberty Village Benches in my blog every Thursday morning in each of the following weeks. So stay posted for future installments!

This week we are going to have a look at Bench #10 on the BenchMark Map, at the corner of Liberty Street and Jefferson, kitty corner from the Liberty Cafe and locatedon the south east corner of the Lambert Stadium property.

Titled "Spring Eternal", it is a cheerful summer reminder at this time of year.  It is another of the benches created  by Miklos Legrady, who has 3 works of "bench art" placed in Liberty Village.  I will cover his next two benches in the bench blog coming next Friday as they are a pair of adjacent benches and should be covered together.

Spring Eternal is sponsored by CLEAN AND BEAUTIFUL CITY

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