Thursday, January 21, 2010

BenchMark: Face It and the Roastery

BenchMark Blogs: the Art Benches of Liberty Village
If you have missed the previous posts explaining the Liberty Village Benchmark program and the art benches we have located in our village go here to fetch them all and read the earlier posts. This is the 8th post in the series to feature each of our 19 art benches.

The bench I am featuring today is on the east side of Pardee Avenue near Liberty Street. It is bench number 7 on the Benchmark Map which can be accessed here.  Titled "Face It", it was created by Ian Arnell and sponsored by the Liberty Village Business Improvement Association.

The interesting thing about this bench is that each board of the bench is filled with emoticons.  While there is no agreed standard definition of emoticons - except a few basic ones like :) and :( - they all share the same feature that if put on their side they resemble a face i.e. eyes, a nose and mouth.  If you want to brush up on your emoticons, you might need to access the following while you sit on the bench and drink your coffee.

Dictionary of Emoticons and Internet Lingo -

The Roastery
Across from the Bench "Face It" is the Roastery, which while not a heritage building, has an interesting fascade none the less and does make a statement about how important food for the eyes is for the village locals. We do like to have the scenery "coloured up" - more on that in a future blog - art is everywhere in Liberty Village.

One of several European styled coffee shops in the Village catering to the local work force, you can also get a light lunch there.I hear their jerk chicken is quite good.

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