Thursday, January 7, 2010

BenchMark: Liberty Village Facing East and Facing West

As promised, it is Thursday and I am presenting the next in my BenchMark Blogs: the art benches of Liberty Village.  If you have missed the previous posts explaining the Liberty Village Benchmark program and the art benches we have located in our village go here to catch up and read about the benches already covered.  This is the 6th post in the series to feature each of our 19 art benches.

The next  two benches are a pair of related benches each created by Miklos Legrady, who also designed -  the bench featured in my last Thursday post - Eternal Summer. 

These two brilliantly colourful benches are located in the middle of the 2 parts of the Canalf Presentation Centre Parking lot - which snuggles into the middle of a pretty nice parkette.  There is a wonderful dry stream of rocks and which meanders along Liberty Street.  The benches sit opposite one another in the walkway between the two sections of parking lot located in the penninsula of land between Lynn Williams Street and Liberty Street.  My favourite of the two is the one which is on the east side (#9) with the blue sky and birds in flight.  If you look up that is just what you might see.

The benches are titled according to the scene painted on the bench.  The first one I have shown in the blog is # 8 "Liberty Village Facing West".  This is the bench  on the west side so that the view is what you might see if you are standing facing the bench and viewing the sky in that direction.  You can make out the silhouette of a few buildings - I venture to say the Toy Factory (now lofts) and the building housing the Brazen Head Pub (note to self: I am sure that is a historic building; better find out which one!)     Bench #9 is "Liberty Village Facing East which is now somewhat dated, there was ony blue sky when the bench was created.  We now have Liberty Towers condo rising into the sky.

Liberty Village Facing West and Liberty Village Facing East were both Sponsored by CANALPHA LIBERTY TOWERS.

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