Thursday, May 6, 2010

Art and Architecture: Remembered Sustenance

In the south lawn of the Metro Hall Building at Wellington and John Streets is a sculpture titled "Remembered Sustenance".   I took these photos last summer and as I look at them now, somehow I took them all from the "rear end view".  I went out last weekend and took a bunch more photos and this time taking more time to reflect on the composition of the litte dog/rabbits within the frame of the photo a bit more carefully.

The sculpture is located right by the Metro Hall Daycare playground - so it is appropriate in both visual congruity and by title.

These little creatures are just the size for little ones to sit on and pretend ride.

From an e-Brochure published by the City of Toronto which serves as a walking guide to the 22 works which are included in Toronto's Downtown Art Walk:
Remembered Sustenance
Cynthia Hurley (Short), 1992
The inspiration for Remembered Sustenance is drawn
from the location of the sculpture’s site. Adjacent to
an outdoor daycare playground the work has been
created to convey the sense of playfulness and
whimsy associated with children’s stories and games.
A group of bronze, non-specific-looking cartoon-like
animals appear to be migrating in procession across
the lawn, towards, then away from a curtain drawn by
two birds. Below the curtain, a plate set in the ground
holds a negative impression of the shape of a small
ballerina that might be found in a child’s music box.
This element represents the remembered experiences
of childhood that the artist suggests can sustain us
throughout our lives.
Open and abundant with possibility of meaning, it is
the artist’s stated intention that the work should most
of all be enjoyed by children.

Next Tuesday I will post another blog on the Art and Architecture around our Metro Hall, home to the City of Toronto (and the amalgamated Boroughs) Government administrative departments.


  1. This looks like a place that my great niece and great nephew would like!

  2. I love these little snippets of your city. Keep them coming. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  3. Thank you for popping by and leaving comments! I really enjoy sharing my city with all my friends in the Blogsphere!


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