Friday, July 2, 2010

Canada Day from the Top of Blue Mountain

I am on vacation this week up at my Collingwood Shangri-La.  Although I am up here on my own - I have lots to do and plenty of company aside from my little dog Bella. 

Bella before her Haircut.  Shaggy Dog!
I found a great groomer up here and so Bella has a brand new 'do for our Country's birthday!
  Look she is sticking her tongue out at me!

Bella is all spiffed up for Canada Day!

 I am kindly included in a few social invitations which get passed along by by my dear friends from the  Gopher Broke Farm.  I was thrilled to be allowed to tag along to a Canada Day celebration dinner at a prime viewing spot for the Collingwood Fireworks - high on the Niagara Escarpment at the home of some of Barb and John's friends. What a wonderful view these folks have from their front lawn, eh?

The fireworks were set off at a point near the Shipyards - you can see the elevator at the shoreline near the centre of this photo.

What a wonderful setting to have for a home!  I think I would sit all day out front mesmerized by the view!

We had a great Canada Day party - fun, friends and good food and drink.  We had a fire to keep warm by and a few folks toasted marshmallows!

As the sun set the sky over the lake was pink.  I couldn't get any pictures of the fireworks - the distances were too far for my little camera to do any thing with.

What a wonderful colour this field of canola is!


  1. Bella's looks quite smart in her new 'do. The view from your friends' house is splendid. I like their elevated fire pit too. We have a fire ring that sits on the ground. I just came inside from sitting out by it. It was a nice night for a fire. Enjoy rest of your vacation!

  2. It was a great night, Linda. It is great weather to sit by a fire, for sure!


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