Friday, July 2, 2010

Kumbaya and Campfire Songs

I love walking out to the end of the Sea Wall as the sun sets.  Usually the lake is a bit calmer, if not glass-flat.  At this time of year the sun sets on the horizon near the shore and this makes for a spectacular sunsets as the sun sweeps down out of view, bringing joy to someone else, perhaps at this very moment as they look to their east as the sun comes up on their horizon.

If I time it right, I arrive out at the sea wall while the sun is still above the horizon. Tonight I did not, I realized this as I made my way on the path to the lake and saw the sun bouncing off the Collingwood Ship Yards silo. Made for a pretty picture, as did the sunset. I enjoyed just the tail end of it. When I arrived it had all but disappeared from sight.

The other day I did a questionnaire online which predicts how long you will live based on the answers you provide to lifestyle questions.  It pronounced that I will  live until 104!  Wow - I had better add a few more schekles to my retirement coffers!  If you want to do the quiz go here.  Unlike some of the quizzes you find on the Internet, this one seems based on in depth study.  From the site - about the calculator:
Thomas Perls MD, MPH is the founder and director of the New England Centenarian Study, the largest study of centenarians and their families in the world. More can be learned about the study at

Anyway, after discovering that at least one source gives me another 49 years to live, I decided I had time to do something that I have been wanting to start for a long while - learn to play a musical instrument.

I went out and bought - A ukulele! Isn't it cute!

I have always wanted to play a musical instrument.  A few years ago I listened to a radio documentary which was talking about a movement promoting  teaching ukulele in the schools and apparently this is taking hold in several jurisdictions across the country.  Apparently it is an ideal first instrumentt.  I certainly would have voted for my kids to learn the ukulele rather than those recorders that they all had to learn when mine were in public school.
I have now learned how to tune the thing - AECG! and I can play a C chord.  Today, I started working on the A chord!  Once I learn 3 chords I can learn a song!  I figure with 49 years to go, I just might be able to pass audition for the "Senior Seniors" band by the time I am 85!  That is what am calling those 85+ Seniors.  Someone should/will come up with a catchy name for this age group soon enough --  Senior Seniors will have to do for now.
And the campfire songs?  Well - at 104, I figure I should have a few great great grandchildren to sit around a campfire and sing those songs with - accompanied by my Ukulele!

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  1. Your sunset picture is gorgeous! Speaking of ukulele, Bob's brother in Hawaii has one. When he first got it, he took lessons. He can play a few songs. Bob picked up the ukulele and played a few chords, while we were in Hawaii.


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