Saturday, April 9, 2011

In a Fog

I am heading off to Cuba for a week of fun in the sun. So no time for a long blog as I have lots to do to get ready for my Monday flight. Spring has definitely sprung this week and last week's freezing temps have retreated throughout the week with promise of a truly spring like 13 degrees Celsius (55 F) today! I wish I had time for a long walk but sadly today no chance and tomorrow forecasts rain.

The warming breezes coming up south over Lake Ontario gave us some interesting fog this week. I snapped the following pics one night as I got home and the fog rolled in over the Lake.

In the space of 20 minutes I saw the fog roll in from the Lake and blanket Liberty Village entirely.
This suggests a post apocalyptic scene.   A bit eerie for sure!
The truth is that Liberty Village is in a construction boom and with the construction cranes rising out of the fog this is never more evident.

As you can see I  am enjoying my new camera and having fun with it as I learn how to use it properly. 

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  1. This is one venture I truly envy you for undertaking, Peggy. My hope is that the weather cooperates for you, and that you find time to visit The Floridita (if you are in Havana and if it still exists) and enjoy a Cuba Libre or two or three.

    Bon Voyage ....

  2. Fram, it is nice to have you drop by.

    My trip this year is not going to be a sightseeing trip. I am just needing some recharge time and so I plan on sitting ocean side with a book, catching the evening show each night and with a bit of luck meeting and chatting with a few friendly people at the resort. I would have liked to get into Havana, but the resort I am staying at in Veradero is a few hours drive from Havana and since I am planning 6-8 weeks in the Havana area in Feb of next year, I don't mind foregoing this time.

    It seems we share an interest in Hemingway and Cuba. I have been to Ambos Mundos and The Floridita on previous trips to Cuba and it would be my hope that in my longer trip next year I will get to Finca Vingia (and around the island to see some of the other historical sites) - it is just a bit too far east of Havana for this trip.

    On the subject of Hemingway residences, I quite enjoyed my visit his Key West residence. Well worth the trip if you ever get the opportunity. I'd love to go back to Key West again at some point.

    As you have pointed out in a comment some time ago the "Now Reading" seems to be stuck on the Hemingway biography - I am slowly working through it and picking up and enjoying a chapter every now and again. Visits to these places certainly make his life come alive for me. I have for quite some time been fascinated by Hemingway - the man and the life he led - and have been chipping my way through reading all of his works and visiting all of his old haunts. Long way to go before this project is finished for sure - at least at the rate I am getting time to read these days.

  3. Nice fog pictures! Have a great time in Cuba!


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