Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Canada

Today is Canada's 142nd birthday and it is the day we Canadians wear red!! I hope you enjoy this bit of Canadiana You Tube. I thought it was cute. I am not sure if everyone who crosses paths with this blog will get it, but in case you have not met a Canadian, we are exceptionally polite. :)

Normally, I have a party every year up at my Collingwood Shangri-La and after dinner we all go out to the end of the sea wall and watch the fireworks which are set off in the Collingwood Downtown Waterfront Park. It is a great view to see them light up in the sky over the water in the distance. Also from that vantage point we get to see the fireworks across the shore at Wasaga Beach and up and down that coast as cottagers set off their own fireworks.

This year the holiday is on a Wednesday and sadly, I was just not able to get any time off to allow me to host a party up north and get back down here to work for 7:00 start at work the next morning. However, I will be able to watch the Symphony of Fire Fireworks from my Toronto Liberty Village Condo and it will be as if I have front row seats (well, minus the music). There is a barge out on the lake just directly to the south of me where they send up the fireworks.

In this picture you can see the boats out on the lake getting in position for the fireworks last Saturday night. The night was warm and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. It was a good night for them, unlike tonight.

From the Ontario Place site it says:
See the skies light up over Toronto with the spectacular Canada Dry Festival of Fire at Ontario Place. The Canada Dry Festival of Fire is back with world-class fireworks choreographed to the world’s finest music over 3 nights. Additional entertainment surrounds each day, with entertainers performing throughout the park leading up to the fireworks. The shows start at 10:30pm, each night.

I watched them last Saturday night also when they ended the Portuguese Day Celebrations. A spectacular 25 minute display featuring mostly the colours green and red - the colours of Portugal.

Tonight's fireworks will be spectacular as well, of that I have no doubt. The weather is iffy - threatening rain at any time and a little bit chilly, but I will huddle under a wrap out on my comfy balcony couch and enjoy them none the less.

It is hard to blog about fireworks - the pictures do not do it justice and it is as much about the whiz bang as it is about the flash of lights. So you will need to take my word for it - or turn out next Saturday night when we help the US celebrate the 4th of July!


  1. Happy Canada Day, mom! I wish I could be there with everyone to celebrate. :)

  2. Yes, Happy Canada Day right back at you! I wish you could be here too! Missing you and looking forward to your visit in August. So is Granny and Grampa!


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