Sunday, July 12, 2009

Salsa on St Clair and the Toronto Indy Race

I admit I have been neglecting my TorontoIsMyTown blog. Too many things like shiny Christmas Tree ornaments have grabbed my attention. I am totally negligent in not writing about our Gay Pride Week here in Toronto last week. It is after all one of the world's largest Gay Pride Events and a major annual week long party in our downtown area. We don't have a Canada Day Parade, but we do have a Gay Pride Parade - tells you something about us Canadians, eh?

But that was over last weekend, so it is on to this weekend events.

First and foremost, it was Indy Week here in Toronto and I got a bird's eye view of it here from my balcony! For two days I have been listening to giant mosquitos or bumble bees from Planet 5 in outer space. With my binoculars in hand, I got some first rate views of the races and some of the action with the tow trucks also! Pretty neat! The picture above is from my balcony. You can see the race track running from the lower right to the left and the grandstand seats (white roofed structure) just beyond. In the link here to the race track map my condo is just beyond the point marked "5".

In the video below you won't see much because the image is too small, but you will appreciate the sounds which I listened to from 8:00 am onwards in each of the two days.

The other event that I attended this weekend was the Salsa on St. Clair Street Festival. A length of St. Clair Street was closed to traffic and was turned into a salsa crazed street party, complete with salsa lessons at every corner, it seemed. My friend and I wandered the length and breadth of the festival and then parked ourselves on a patio opposite the Main Stage and listened to salsa music and watched the dancing and drank beer for quite a few hours.

I had to laugh at the differences between my friend and I. Being Canadian, I was quite content to be told that there was no room on the patio for 2 more girls to sit and drink beer. My friend (being German, and more forward than I as far as insisting on what she believed to be her rights) argued with the guard at the gateway to the patio several times until at last we were granted admission. It was worth the wait as we scored a perfect table in the sun and with a great view of the sea of people who were flowing by.

We had a great time. Both of us agreed it reminded us of being on holiday.

I did not make it to Afrofest, which was being held at Queens Park on the weekend also. Just to much to do and so little time!

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  1. Tha party looks hot! Many thanks for the clip and the photos.

    Greetings from London.


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