Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Remains of the Day

As my regular followers know, I am doing a series on the art benches in Liberty Village. If you missed my past blogs on "The Benchmark Program" you can read them here.

I must remark how uncharacteristically green our grass is. Usually in July all the grass is brown due to the heat and lack of rain. But not this year.

The bench is called Remains of the day and it is number 4 on the map.

This is one of my favourite benches, but I must admit if I were the artist, I'd change it just one little bit and spray paint the lunch box and thermos shiny black.

This bench is located across the street from the Liberty Cafe, the subject of several previous blogs about Rude Jake and friends who perform there each Tuesday night. I can't help but include a photo of the Liberty Cafe. It has a nice outdoor patio and if the weather cooperates we get music outside! The bench is also located kitty corners from our Sunday Farmers Market where I can go and get fresh veggies and meat from local farmers! Yeah the 100 mile diet!

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