Monday, September 7, 2009

Ok, so 2 Blogs are not better than one!

Today I decided to act upon something I had been thinking about for a while. I initially started blogging last January with my blog "Half Way Along Life's Highway" and in late spring decided that some posts had a lot to do with the city I live in and perhaps I should split the posts into 2 blogs by subject matter. I had this vague thought that some people might follow my Toronto blog while others would follow my Life blog. That has not really proven true. While my Life blog does get more hits and does have more followers, many folks do wander from one blog to the other. There is no discrete separation of followers.

Content wise, I might start out with a theme which should point to either the Toronto blog or the other one as its home, truth is, I am inclined to wander between the two opposite goal posts in any given blog.

My blogs about Toronto and the events I attend here are really closely linked with stuff about me and the life I lead and opinions I have with regard to current events and the world around me.

Following the stats, it seems that a lot of folks hop back and forth between the two blogs, and I seldom write in both on any given day, so it is a bit of an inconvenience. So I have combined my blogs into one this one which is named for the city I live in. I will put a link on the other to this blog and in time retire the other one entirely, since I moved all my posts into this one.

Friends who were kind enough to "befriend me" on the other blog are invited to do likewise here. Not that I judge success by the number of followers I have, but it does motivate one to keep writing knowing that there are followers who will be checking back to read content.

I will post this blog as a separate entry and shall resume a twice weekly only posting schedule through the coming months as my NaNoWriMo commitment approaches and I need to claim as much time as possible for novel planning.

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  1. I remember following your two blogs, so will miss one of them. On the plus side, you can focus now just on the one and transpose material from the previous one here. Still a cracking read, though!:-)

    Greetings from London.


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