Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sunrise in September

These days, it is easy to wake up before dawn. I guess that is the thing I dislike about fall the most, shortened days and increasing hours of darkness. I find it harder to spring out of bed when it is still dark. I will find it more difficult still in December and January, when it is cold as well as dark, so I am glad for our great September weather and the fabulous sunny days we are having.

The bright side of this is that most days from now until next spring I will see the sun come up - at least, on the days the sun shines. This morning I took the time to take some pictures of this beautiful sight and set it to some music, I think fitting music for a brand new day - a day full of opportunities and full of wonder.

I am quite surprised at the south/north distance the sun travels in a year. In the middle of winter I can watch the sun rise over the Toronto Islands a good deal south of the location the sun rose today. At the summer solstice the sun rises around the corner of the building to my immediate east, just out of sight. This distance is even further than the two opposite points on the the headline picture in the slideshow above.

The Queen Street West Annual Art Crawl

Tomorrow starts the fist day of the Queen Street West Art Crawl, which runs over the weekend. I plan to take several long leisurely strolls over the weekend to see it all. The outdoor art show and sale is centered around Bellwoods Park but there are also events and exhibits all the length of the Queen Street West Strip from Spadina to Roncesvales - a very large area. It will take some time to experience and appreciate the work of the 250 participating artists.

Also this weekend is the final weekend of the Toronto International Film Festival, however, I understand tickets involve multihour line ups - just not my cup of tea, so I guess I will satisfy myself by viewing all the trailers on the TIFF web sight.

Marie-Pierre Arthur

Again my CBC Radio 2 station has blown me over with a new Canadian talent they are giving air time to. Her name is Marie-Pierre Arthur and the song they have been featuring is Pourquoi. The melody is up beat and perky, her voice clear and melodic and happy and the lyric has grabbed my interest (but I can make out only a dozen words. (I have not been able to find the lyrics on the internet :) From reviews on the net, I understand that her lyrics are poetic. Having pulled up her CD on iTunes and listened to the rest, I am a fan.

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  1. What a glorious sunrise! It's supposed to be a lovely weekend; enjoy your walks about town!


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