Sunday, September 6, 2009

Toronto CNE Air Show

Yes, it has been a while. Ok, so I have been noticably absent on the blogsphere, and in truth have been so, so busy (I can see you now reaching for those tiny violins! - give me a break, eh?) ... No matter. I am really excited about today's post.

I had a spectacular day watching the air show from my VIP seats on my balcony with a few great friends, lots of good food and drink and fabulous weather! Could I ask for more? Not one bit! Took tons of pictures and turned all those snaps into a video to share with you folks!

The picture above shows the beach packed with people and a ring of boats lined up around the perimeter of the "no go" zone.

I took some of the best pictures and strung them together into a video.

In case you don't want to do the movie version - here are a couple of the better pics... I am sure that my guests with the great big zoom lense cameras who were click, click, clicking - 3 clicks per second - like a machine gun, got better pictures... but these are mine and I am proud of them none the less!

Tomorrow will do a newsy update blog - but for tonight - goodnight!

The Snow Birds were the best!
After formation flying the Snow Birds would separate and at times flew right over my condo!

This is a close-up of the Blue Angels US Airforce plane.

This is just a pretty picture I took one night last week - the sun was shining so nicely on the sail boats making the sails a brilliant white.

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  1. I enjoyed watching your slide show. I saw the Canadian Snowbirds several years ago, in May 2002. There was an air show at Old Fort Niagara. The Snowbirds are AWESOME. There performance appears to be the same as what I saw 7 years ago. I wouldn't mind seeing them perform again one day though. If interested, you can see the pictures that I took in 2002 at this address:


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