Sunday, February 21, 2010

Changing Things Around

 OK, so I said I would not write another blog until Tuesday, when I do my Art & Architecture blog, but I am so pleased with my efforts to rearrange my stuff to make room for Lilly to move back in that I have to blog about it .  I was also encouraged when I read Linda's blog - she has rearranged her living room also.

View looking towards Lilly's bedroom door - my old office.
 If you are a regular follower, you might recall my happy blog of less than a month ago, where I spent the entire weekend in my home office.  Given that Lilly is reclaiming her bedroom for the next 4 months, I needed to figure out a way to contain my desk in the living room.  A writer needs a place to write, eh?

I was quite concerned that I would not be able to find a workable solution, after all my condo is only 740 sq ft and the living room is a small space with no less than 6 doorways to work around.

The living room before making room for a desk
I decided to dispense with the use of the sliding door to the patio.  It is winter and I will not be using my patio much until spring, although I am sad to say that Lilly will be using it regularly, as she is *cough* one of those who feel the need to place smoke in her lungs.

The dining room table previously was centred on the sliding door, leaving room to squeeze through to the right.
A comfy place to sit and watch TV or sit with laptop.
Cramped but workable, looking toward the hallway and front door
However, I do have another patio door from the kitchen and so no big hardship if I place the dining table in position blocking that one doorway.    In the photos you might also notice my sofa in 2 different configurations. It is a "convertible" - there is a separate seat size ottoman, which can sit on its own or can combine with the sofa to make it a chaise sofa - comfy for 1 or 2 and a good compromise for a small condo.

I am happy with the way the room works.   It is cramped but cozy and certainly serviceable until Lilly moves into her own digs next summer.   Next, what to do with the stuff in the guest room closet, I confess, my clothes have gotten used to taking the space of both room's closets!


  1. I remember how happy you were when you put together your office. You'll be able to have it back in 4 months time. It was good to put your desk at the patio door; you'll have a view while at the computer. Your chaise sofa looks comfy, much like my armchair with the separate ottoman enables my comfort. Thank you for the plug :-)

  2. Love the new look. And as someone who'd never been given a sneaky vie wof your place, I'm over the moon with the light and colours. Brilliant.

    Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.


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