Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snow showers and Dreams of Garden Flowers

I was up and at 'em in good time this morning - I wanted to trot over to the National Home Show before I had to head out of town in the afternoon. It is a short walk south to the Direct Energy Centre which is the large building occupying the space in my balcony pictures just beyond the Gardiner Expressway and the Lake front.

It had snowed overnight but the temperature was above freezing as I set out. You can see that we had had a few inches of snow overnight but despite this it seemed as if spring was in the air - it was quickly melting.

I had been fortunate to have been gifted a ticket to the Home Show by a new acquaintance of mine who I had been trading Holland Landing tales with the night before.  I had not attended the show in years but was very interested to go, not because I have any home DIY project in mind, but because I remember the wonderful gardens the landscaping companies set up.  Just the ticket when snow is on the ground!   I was not disappointed.    It made me very happy to see the tulips and other spring flowers which were featured in just about each garden display as they are very easy to force into bloom at the required time of year for the show.  I was also able to meet up with my friend Ace , who was selling Quality Homes in their model home like he was dishing up popcorn at the movie theatre.

My favourite garden space was very Zen like with just a swirl of pebbly sand underneath a rock that was hung like a weight on a wire and suspended from a post and arm from above.  Surrounded with rectangular uprights and simple plantings, it got my vote for simplicity and inspiration.  What a wonderful spot that would be to sit and meditate or even think about future blog postings, perhaps nestled in a corner of a woodsy garden (nudge, nudge my Gopher Broke Farm friends LOL).

Also very inviting were these low lying chairs, which were very comfortable and called out to me to rest for a few minutes.


Another nice idea was a waterfall which fell out of a wall and into a planter below.  A variation on the theme of a magic tap, which my brother has installed pond side in his rural garden.  If you are not familiar with this comical (to me) illusion, it is a free standing garden faucet that pours water forth without any evidence of a water supply.  I think I prefer the variation at right, which to my eye is less comic and more soothing.

As those of you who were reading my blogs last summer know, I am very much into outdoor "living rooms". Much to my delight, at the show they had, in the garden section, something called a "glamcave". The room, built upon the idea of a room which you could retreat to in summer, a little along the idea of a gazebo, is fully enclosed so you can shut the world out, I guess. It contains a daybed and writing desk and some treasured items to create a focus of visual interest and spark creativity.   Hmm, a great idea and if I have the winning ticket to the lottery I just might find a spot for something like this in my new home.  I really liked the chandelier which was installed above the daybed.  It was nice enough I would buy one to install in my condo.

You can find out more about the National Home Show here - the last day is today, Sunday Feb 28th.

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  1. Erie, PA held a home and garden expo this weekend as well. If the weather had been nicer I might have been tempted to attend the show. Today is the last day, and it is snowing hard. We've had snow most of the weekend. It's best not to drive in it if you don't need to. I like the picture with the tulips and the one with the waterfall.


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