Thursday, February 11, 2010

Benches and Buildings and Sex in the Bathroom

BenchMark Blogs: the Art Benches of Liberty Village
If you have missed the previous posts explaining the Liberty Village Benchmark program and the art benches we have located in our village go here to fetch them all and read the earlier posts. . This is the 11th post in the series to feature each of our 19 art benches in Liberty Village.

The bench I am featuring today is located just steps from the bench which I blogged about last week, near King Street, just east of Atlantic Avenue at the top of the stairs adjacent to the rail way underpass and was created by the same artist - Christopher Hayes.  It is located in the walkway between the West Elm Furniture Store and the First Capital Realty Building.  Notice their logo on the building photo below - oddly it is quite similar to the Facebook logo LOL.  This building also houses the restaurant Mildred's Kitchen, the liquor store and a Goodlife Fitness Gym.  It is bench number 11 on the Benchmark Map which can be accessed here. Titled "Stream" is another sponsored by First Capital Realty.

This bench has a similar top part to the bench #6 -Transfermation, blogged about last week. So it too makes mention of the Red Rocket and Route 504 and the scenes of the local buildings and people. The seat of the bench extends this theme and is, in my mind a bit of a puzzle. I can see a yellow ski-doo parked in the parking lot on one side and a blue bus like vehicle on the other side of what looks to be an architectural diagram of a building ... not sure what this has to do with the title "Stream" - unless we are talking of streams of traffic - people inside the building and the vehicular traffic outside - which is seemingly all parked and not in motion.

Sex in Mildred's Temple Kitchen Bathroom
As mentioned, this bench is outside of the Mildred's Temple Kitchen Restaurant, which has been in the news this last week.  The Star Newspaper ran an article which "exposed" that the restaurant was encouraging sex in its bathrooms during Valentine's Weekend!    The journalist had done all their homework on the topic of sex in the bathroom, having called the City Dept of Health to enquire whether this was an issue.  No problem was the reply - as long as it isn't in the kitchen. 

I have been in Mildred's bathrooms.  They are pretty nicely decorated, modern, a good size - and co-ed - and well out of the way of the dining area.   Yup, it is do-able, that is for sure. A new variation on "Get a Room!" LOL

Actually, I came across the news whilst surfing the Salon E-Zine's reader blogs (Open Salon).  Salon is a US based web publication - so the news has spread pretty wide!  The blog, was titled "Toronto the Good Now Toronto the Naughty",  and I have to quote the last couple of paragraphs:
It was only thirty years ago that more than 300 gay men were arrested for having consensual sex in  the now infamous Bath House Raids. At that time, the city was shocked and outraged, but this gets barely a mention. Oh my, just look how far we’ve come?
I'm thinking that this gives Toronto’s new brand identity “Toronto Unlimited” a whole new meaning.

If you are thinking of going to Mildred's Temple Kitchen - for sex or just for a meal, it is a great place for that special dinner and I bet Valentine's weekend will be pretty booked.  My son Jeff and his friend Amanda took me there last summer for my birthday and I had the most elegant and scrumptious meal you could imagine.  Go here to read about it and see pictures of the wonderful presentation on plate.

Let there be no mistake, I am not against anyone having sex in the bathroom of a restaurant;  however there is certain etiquette which must be followed.  I don't want to hear moans of passion while I am I am eating my dinner and I don't want to find a mess in the bathroom when I go there.  Also, you have to be prepared for a smirk or two if I see you  exit the bathroom flushed and "with a glow on".  Apparently, they are going to hire a maid to keep the room tidy during the night of passion and as to the noise, as I recall the music was loud enough that so unless there are some real screamers, love noise should not be an issue.  Moreover, no chance of me being there anyway, I will be at home alone with a good movie on Valentine's night - hmm, I am tempted to book a reservation and see who else shows up looking for sex.  LOL

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