Sunday, August 23, 2009

Canadian National Exibition Time

Dawn now comes at about 7:30... whats with that!

Yesterday I blogged about the end of summer and what it always means for me - in my other blog. I guess one of the things which is triggering those thoughts - aside from the earlier nightfall, cooler nights and all the "back to school" sales being advertised in the stores, is the Toronto CNE, which started on Friday. We, in Toronto, fondly call it "The Ex". It is not what it was in my youth - there is Canada's Paramount a short drive away which offers all the thrills you could want in a midway measured in square Kilometers, far surpassing the Ex in size, number and quality of rides. However, it is a Toronto tradition at the end of the summer - as is the fall fairs which will now commence and every small town in Ontario has one.

The Ex is nearly a week late starting because of the way the calendar falls, Labour Day, traditionally the closing day of the CNE is on Sept 7th, the latest day it could possibly be, given that it is the first Monday in September.

Actually, I have not been to the EX - and through all the exhibit buildings (yes, it is about more than just the midway!) in so many years. I might just pop over one evening - I note that there is a reduced rate for attendance after 5 p.m.

There are a few real treats which the Ex offers. Firstly, my personal treat, which is fireworks every night which I can watch from my balcony. Not quite as exquisite as the Nights of Fire - but fireworks none the less and I take joy in them every night as they mark day's end.

The other treat is the Air Show, which is on the last 3 days of the EX and which requires lots of practice in the days ahead as the

various aircraft work on their stunts and aerial manovers in preparation for the event. Yesterday I was treated to the bi-planes doing some sync flying practice, which I managed to catch on camera, as well as a military aircraft doing circuits, which I did not manage to shoot (pun intended!).

In the days ahead there will be lots of planes buzzing overhead and it gets me to thinking about sharing my VIP seats for the airshow with friends and I am preparing my invite list for one or two Air Show afternoon "drop in" parties.

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  1. The drop in parties sound like a good time. Your friends might like front row seats, too, for the fireworks :-)


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