Saturday, August 15, 2009

Birthday Dinner at Mildred's Temple Kitchen

A new restaurant opened this winter in Liberty Village - Mildred's Temple Kitchen. It really isn't new - just relocated. Mildred Pierce was the name of the original restaurant (named after the 1945 film classic) and it was just a little bit further north of Liberty Village and had been a well regarded area restaurant for over 17 years. The new restaurant is quite the place and the food is very distinctive and quite delicious!

I was treated to a B-Day dinner here and that was just fabulous since I hadn't tried it out as yet. The decor is smashing - bright and airy and simple yet elegant. The menu has some unique items as you can see following.

I guess my favourite thing had to be the Dungeness crab salad heirloom radishes & Dijon ice cream. Yes, Dijon ice cream! We were instructed to squeeze the lemon over the salad and mix it all up and the ice cream turned into a nice cold chunky quasi dressing for the crab meat and salad greens. It was delicious!

For dinner I had Pork and Beans! No, not your usual. This was one heck of a NY Steak sized pork chop lying in a small bed of mashed topped with green and yellow beans and deep fried pig's ears as the garnish! Very good and I have half the pork chop waiting to take in my lunch tomorrow!

Jeff had the "Classic Mildred Burger" which was for sure a classic. A huge hand formed burger which apparently was fantastic. Amanda had the pickerel and it was served on polenta. Everyone enjoyed their meal!

Amanda's dessert was quite incredible. Tapioca pudding with a hot chili sorbet and garnished with poppers (the candy!)... She said it was quite good!

Next time this is the dessert I will have!

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