Thursday, March 11, 2010

BenchMark: The Path Home

BenchMark Blogs: the Art Benches of Liberty Village

If you have missed the previous posts explaining the Liberty Village Benchmark program and the art benches we have located in our village go here to fetch them all and read the earlier posts.  This is the 14th post in the series which features the art benches of Liberty Village.

The bench I am presenting today is located on the east side of Atlantic Avenue between Liberty and Snooker Street.  Don't you just love our Monopoly Street Names?  It is bench number 3 on the Benchmark Map which can be accessed here. Titled "The Path Home", it was created by Po Chun Lau and is sponsored by Liberty Village BIA. I have written about the LVBIA in previous blogs go here to find out more.

The painting on the bench was incredibly difficult to do justice with given the camera I have.  The bench has an autumn woodsy tone serving as background to a drawing of sorts.  You will need to visit and inspect the bench yourself.  The drawing reminds me of tree branches.
The sculpture is quite an nice addition to the bench and places this one a tad above many of the other bench installations, for sure!  At first glance it looks like this guy is thoughtfully strolling over to the bench.

I am wondering if maybe he is wandering over to visit his friends stationed up Liberty Street a wee bit, mid way between Jefferson and Fraser.   He looks like he got away from a crowd of like minded creatures which have been installed by the entrance to the Lambert Stadium Parking Lot.

These guys look like they are on a hunt for something...  Dropped your car keys, maybe?  Or just milling about?

I quite like the sculpture, but not to be too critical, I find the backdrop for this piece to be less than ideal.  The grey of the statues blend into the grey of the parking lot and surroundings.

NEWS FLASH: Alejandra Ribera at Hugh's Room

My very favourite local rising star  is once again gracing us with a performance at Hugh's Room this Saturday night for anyone local who wants to listen to some great music!  Don't know who Alejandra is?  Go Here to read my blog about her performance at Hugh's Room in January - it was fabulous!  I am hoping that I get great seats again!

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