Thursday, March 4, 2010

Elizabeth Shepherd Trio and Start To Move

Thanks to CBC Toronto Metro Morning Radio program I have discovered another great Canadian Jazz musician. The format of the morning show is to feature just one song each half hour and maybe once every week or two they can coax a musician to come in and do a live performance of a song. Tuesday morning I woke up to the sounds of Elizabeth Shepherd who was in the studio and playing some material from her up and coming album "Heavy Falls The Night. She had just gotten back from some tour dates in Japan.

When rooting around the Internet for information about her I was delighted to find that CBC now has their Metro Morning playlist online so no more jumping out of bed running for a notebook and pen to write down the name of the artist and song. I also found this marvellous You Tube Video which featuring the JazzCotech Dancers of London UK.

Fabulous dancing and energy and great music on this video!

If you like her music she offers a free download of the song she sang, Numbers, which is on her new album, by subscribing on her site. I was sent a link in response to signing up but could not figure out how to turn the link into a download - all I could do is get it to play... but maybe I am missing something here which you might be able to figure out. (In which case, please let me know)

Still working away on my book keeping so I am not letting myself get caught up with any big blogs until next week.

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  1. It's funny how an iconic image of one's homeland or adopted country can make you nostalgic. When I saw the Gherkin in the first clip I got all moist-eyed, even though I hate that building. It's so ugly. :-)

    Many thanks for introducing this artist to me. I will be seeking her out on youtube. I quite liked those two numbers you uploaded.

    Greetings from London.


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