Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday's Pot Pourris

5,000 Naked People

Over 5,000 participants took part in the nude installation by New York based artist Spencer Tunick titled 'Mardi Gras:The Base'.  In the photo below they pose on the front steps of the Sydney Opera House.

(Photo by REUTERS/Tim Wimbourn, appears in Sydney's Daily Telegraph)

Spencer Tunick is a well known contemporary photographer and this is his latest installation which was staged  in Australia during the Mardi Gras Celebrations.

Go here to see a gallery of 40 photos taken at the event.   It is very bizarre to see so many naked people together in one place.  Without context, the photo below could be very scary, no doubt!

Go here to read a well written blog, "Pardon My Randomness" and to hear all about this and other installations by Spencer Tunich.

Alejandra Ribera at Hugh's Room - Fabulous Again!

I had the splendid opportunity to go hear Alejandra Ribera perform at Hugh's Room on Saturday night, tickets thanks to my son Eric.   It was my eldest son Jeff's birthday the day prior and so was a bit of a birthday celebration.   Her performance was as vibrant as always and she did many of the old favourites.  Noteworthy was a much polished version of Sans Vous, a song which at the Cameron she introduced as her attempt to write a song with a French lyric.  The version she sang at Hugh's Room on Saturday night was noticeably improved - the French sounded quite credible.   I wish that my Montreal friend had been there he would have been able to comment whether the words now made better sense.  It seemed so.  I am guessing that she was able to polish up her French whilst on tour in Quebec with Caracol.

Do we have patients waiting to get into the elevators?

I noticed the above photo posted on the out of service elevator door.  Hmm, cause to pause.

Photo Shop at WallMart

I don't often go shopping, but on occasion as I happen to pop into a Walmart for something I have been noticing those photograph printing devices they now have installed at the checkout.   I bumped into this You Tube which made me aware of the fact that you can access both Picasso and Facebook web sites and produce prints from pictures you have previously uploaded there.  Next time I go to Walmart I just might make a couple of decent photos for the picture frames I have my cheap paper printer  produced pictures installed in.


  1. I didn't know you could access Facebook, Kodak and Picassa photographs at Walmart. That is an interesting tidbit of information to know.

  2. Looking forward to hear the 'improved' version of the 'Sans vous' song. Almost made sense of the lyrics on her album. I wonder if I got them right! Still a very good song! I miss my evening listening to Alejandra. I'll make sure to drop by on my next trip to TO!


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