Thursday, March 18, 2010

Liberty Village Public Art and the Artscape Building

Art is everywhere in Liberty Village. Even on roof tops there are creative expressions.

Artscape is a not-for-profit, urban development organization that revitalizes buildings, neighbourhoods, and cities through the arts. Artscape projects provide affordable space for creativity while generating positive cultural, economic, social, and environmental impact.
The building above is the Liberty Village Artscape Building.  From the Artscape Web Site:
In 1991, Artscape helped transform Liberty Village from a derelict and largely vacant industrial district into a dynamic community full of artists, designers, and new media companies.
Today, while many artists have been priced out of neighbouring buildings, the 46 work studios at Artscape Liberty Studios at 60 Atlantic Ave. help ensure that artists are part of the mix that continues to make the neighbourhood attractive to creative industries. In addition to private work studios, Artscape Liberty Village is also home to the Toronto Animated Image Society, Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild, Arraymusic, Small World Music Society and Worlds of Music Toronto.
We invite you to get to know Artscape's tenants in all of our buildings by visiting our tenant website listing.

The building is decorated with bright painted bits - as are many buildings in our Village.  Perhaps in other circumstances they would be considered graffiti, but no these (without words) are works of art.

Liberty Village Public Art - Our City Infrastructure Elements are often made works of Art!

We have a Go Train Stop in the village and I ventured down there for a walk this last week and found someone had nicely decorated the hydro/cable housings sitting there.

This one has nice perspective.

Even our sidewalks are decorated.


  1. Nice artwork on the buildings, on top of the buildings and on other things in the village. I wouldn't call any of that graffiti.

  2. thanks for the mention! i work at Artscape - glad you like 60!


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