Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Tough Choice - Liberty Bistro or the Cameron?

Just a quick one to pass along a really fine You Tube I saw posted on Facebook which was recorded at our very own Liberty Bistro

I also saw a note from from Tony Quarrington, who it seems has taken over organizing the Tuesday night open mic at the Liberty Bistro - at least for next week.

I will re-tweet his invite, since I am sure it will be a great night of music.
Please join me at Liberty Bistro (25 Liberty St.) this coming Tuesday night, March 15, 7.30/10.30 pm, for a mix of concert and open mic presentations. I will have some special musical guests, and all players and singers are welcome. Bring charts, or just tell me your key! It will be cool. Tony Quarrington

It is going to be a tough one for me - Alejandra Ribera at the Cameron House or the Liberty Bistro with what will be a - no doubt - wonderful mix of great musicians out to have a good time and make some great music.  Maybe I have to go to both events.  Alejandra's at the Cameron from 6:00 to 8:00 and Open Mic at the Liberty is from 7:30 to 10:30... hmmm.... just about do-able!

Which reminds me, I did not yet blog about my Alejandra night at the Cameron the other week.

I last blogged about Alejandra at my night at Hugh's Room in early February.  I went to see her show and at which she announced that she was going to be at the Cameron House on Tuesday nights starting in March.  As it turns out, it seems she is just doing the gig for a month, to work out the wrinkles in some new material.  I was able to attend the first of the 5 nights on March 2nd and was very happy with the 6 to 8 pm set.    As she explained, she was doing a stripped down version of her songs initially and would be adding a musician each week as they worked on each of the pieces.

I enjoyed it a lot, even though the sound was stripped down, particularly near the end when the house amp gave out and they had to go mic-less.  It was more like a house party when she came down from the stage and sang amongst us in the front area tables.  I particularly enjoyed some of her new songs - and the banter leading up to them.  I hope she is able to put together enough songs for a new CD soon.

 I am looking for a new camera - one that will do justice to indoor pictures - such as the ones here - range of about 10-15 feet, in lower light.  Any suggestions?

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