Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Window With A View

I have a full day of stuff to do, but took the time this morning to gaze out my window and admire the fantastic view.  I find the blue expanse of Lake Ontario comforting and an intriguing contrast with the hustle bustle surrounding the buildings in view.  There is always something to watch, and as a consequence I find myself absent minded and daydreaming  much more often than I did at my old place.  Maybe it is the view, maybe it is my mood as I am now officially making plans for a 6 month sabbatical starting next February. 

Yesterday was the first season's home game for the TFC -Toronto Football Club at BMO field, which is the red stadium in the background of the picture.  The stadium was full of freezing fans and the cheers were audible yesterday afternoon as the two goals were scored which brought them their first win of the season.  I guess spring is officially here, even if mother nature is withholding the goods from us for a wee bit yet.

I am thinking back to my old place, the Battery Park Condo and the spectacular view I had from my office window there.  I got to see the CN Tower and the lights of downtown Toronto at night and I can't decide which view I prefer.  There is certainly something nice about a lake view, however the Toronto Downtown skyline is exceptional and a view to the east with morning sun is actually my preference, I think.

In any case, the discussion is moot - my wonderful lake view will be gone by the end of the summer as the high rise to the west of me rises up into the sky.  At that point, I will be able to see a sliver of Lake Ontario from my living room if I look to the left in the spot which will be the space between the two buildings, but the spectacular view that I have now when I sit at my desk will be gone.

I am consoling myself with the thought that there will be another full Lake Ontario view in my future - the "to be built" condo I have purchased for 2016 occupancy will have an unencumbered view south to the Lake and on the 30th floor will be just spectacular, I am sure.

Stay tuned in a future blog for more discussion of the travel plans I am cooking up.  I have a couple of trips planned for this year.  I have booked time for a brief trip to Cuba mid April for a week of well deserved rest & relaxation and a week in Iceland at the end of June to see in summer solstice and the midnight sun in Reykjavík.  I am just starting planning for my 6 month holiday next year but it will include 6 weeks in Spain to do the Camino Pilgrim's walk and I am hoping to find someone in Europe to do a house swap with for maybe a month.  So perhaps I am spending more time daydreaming because my travel dates are getting nearer and not because of my Lake view.  Whichever the case, I my mind is full of dreams these days.
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  1. Your upcoming travel plans sound great! I like the view of downtown Toronto the best, although the lake view is hard to pass up too. I can see why it is difficult to choose between the two!

  2. Cuba and Iceland sound very appealing to me, Peggy. I briefly passed through Spain in 1999 and assumed I would go back again until, at some point later in time, decided I never would return until the practice of killing bulls in the ring ended. Which means I probably never will return.

    Your earlier post reminded me that it has been a few years since I last attended a hockey game. There have been years when I attended NHL games regularly. Do you think working at a newspaper and getting free tickets had anything to do with that .... do you?

    You know me. The lake view, the lake view .... and, in third place as my favorite, the lake view.

  3. Peggy..i wrote a long post here but it seems to disappear..but i like your post very much..and give me hint if you come to Norway.Hope you will have agreat week Peggy!!i love the view and your plans for the future!!


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