Friday, February 13, 2009

Bossa Nova Tunes Playing in my Brain

Today is blog #31! Some days it is difficult to find the time to blog and it is always a battle to find shorter topics for the days I don't have a lot of time (more often I make the time and go with the longer blog), but on the whole I am getting this done! Getting in lots of writing practice and this will help in November when I do the Write a Novel in a Month Contest.

Last night I went to sleep to the sounds of music by João Gilberto, one of the fathers of this musical genre. The music has Brazilian origins with a bit of Samba and a jazz sensibility. Although the bossa nova movement only lasted six years (1958–63), it contributed a number of songs to the music scene by Jazz greats. Recordings by Charlie Byrd and Stan Getz led to a worldwide boom with 1963's album "Getz/Gilberto", . There are very popular bossa nova recordings by famous performers such as Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra.

I have 3 bossa nova CDs, one of which contains Gilberto's famous "The Girl from Ipanema".

From Wikipedia:
The first bossa nova single was perhaps the most successful of all time: The Getz/Gilberto recording "The Girl From Ipanema" edited to include only the singing of Astrud Gilberto(Gilberto's then-wife). The resulting fad was not unlike the disco craze of the 1970s. The genre would withstand substantial "watering down" by popular artists throughout the next four decades.

When I woke up this morning this wonderful music was still playing in my brain and consequently, I am in a mellow, happy mood.

So a short topic today for I cannot be late to work! I have an 8:30 conference call I must prepare for! So much for the mellow, happy mood - on to busy, stressed and on the go!

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