Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mixed Thoughts ...

I have a few different things for today’s blog, so bear with me if this seems like an odd stew of mixed metaphors and ill joined topics.  My excuse is mid winter blues and a touch of desire for things out of reach – sun and the joy of lying on the hot beach sand, perhaps or maybe I am wistful of something else which eludes me.  No matter, I am a bit scattered today.
 The Movie Defiance,  Director: Edward Zwick
 Last night I saw a riveting film, Defiance.  It starred Daniel Craig, Live Schreiber and Jamie Bell.    It is set in the Belarusian Luboshowski  Forest during the Nazi occupation of Poland during the 2nd world war.  It is a true story about the Bielski brothers – 4 men whose families had been murdered by Nazis who led a group of several thousands of Jewish Partisans into the forest to hide and to try and survive.  Unlike other Partisan groups their focus was not to fight the Germans but to save Jewish lives by forming a hidden commune in the forest and together working to survive.   Food and cold were real issues as much as the constant threat of discovery by Germans.   They had to flee encampments several times and rebuild after discovery.    They remained in the forest for over 2 years.    1200 survived but many more died.
 For more info on the Bielski Partisans:

The movie reminds us that our troubles are trivial and our lives are so easy even though we might think otherwise.

 Valentine's Day Thoughts

They announced this morning on CBC radio that this was "Valentine's Weekend".  I am not sure when the thing became a whole weekend, but I want to lodge a protest.  I am as much for receiving a card, flower and chocolates as much as the next person, but I would like to point out that we need to make the effort to show love the other 364 days of the year.  OK, so I don't have a sweetie to shower me with love and affection at the moment, but if I did you can bet that I would advocate for random acts of affection, romance and general raunchiness 364 days of the year - not just this one day.

OK, enough serious thoughts: I found a wonderful blogging resource and among other things it has silly little quizzes, the results of which can make you laugh.  So you will be seeing some more light and silly side of me a bit more often, now that I have some comedic props.  

The first one is in honour of St Valentine's Day, which I think is a wonderful invention for those that need a little push to get into a romantic mood.  To help everybody along, and in keeping with the theme of the weekend, perhaps a little though  about aphrodisiacs are in order. 

You can go to here What Aphrodisiac Are You? and do the quiz and find out what aphrodisiac you are.

My result?  Of course I will share it with you!   Only fair though if you readers take the quiz also and share with everyone what you are?  Just look at the bottom of today's blog entry and click on "Comment" to add your result.  It will be fun!  I wonder how many folks I can get results from?

You Are Chili Peppers

You are smokin' hot, and you can't help heat up everyone else around you.

It's not unusual for you to make people flushed and excited. You flaunt your sexuality.

You awaken primal urges that people didn't know they had. You bring out the inner wild animal.

When it comes to seduction, you just go for it. You have no fear.

Breakup or Makeup?

OK, so not everyone has a sweetie to enjoy the Valentine's Weekend with.  In fact some folks out there (the one's with the long faces and teary eyes) may well be feeling rage since they are in the middle of a breakup or realizing "he is just not that into you".   And it seems for those of us who don't have a sweetie the day is designed to rub that fact in.

For you guys I have the next section.  For the rest of you - you can go for another dose of aphrodisiac - go get your love to fill out the questionnaire and come back and comment about what aphrodisiac your love mate is.  

The rest?  read on:

OK, for the ones out there who are in breakup land but really are wanting to dig in your heels and not let this happen, there are a number of web sites which may help.  You would not believe the number of ideas people have about how to get him or her back in the folds again.    One trip to
and you will feel new hope! The creator of this web site is a man who managed to get back his lady friend and is willing to help everyone else with this little task if they just order his kit for only $39. Well, call me a doubting Tom, but I wouldn't hit send just yet.  If his kit doesn't work there are at least another hundred more, including one that provides a little voodoo doll that you can use to get his/her cooperation.

However, my experience is that reconciliations are at best a crap shoot, so I would leave that to fate and instead check out one of the many sites and blogs which help you to survive that breakup.  You could try:  

which has lots of advice and suggestions.

I can give you a bit of free advice, if you like.  For the full story on this you will need to wait until I am ready to blog about one of my breakups (yes my younger friends there may be many breakups in your future if you are a restless soul as I am ) I will get around to blogging about those things,  however at this point those stories are not yet ready for prime time.

A few tips I have:  
Revenge, while not advised, does help you feel better if you have been wronged;
Rebounding, with someone who reminds you that you are an attractive person who is desirable, does have in my book some merit;
Girlfriends or BroFriends are definitely the biggest help;
For women - lay in the Kleenex and you might as well watch all those sad movies so you will feel justified in bawling your eyes out;
For men - go out and go on that bender but try not to go for that one night stand who leaves you something to remember her by;
Use the "found time" to catch up on all the stuff you wanted to get done but didn't because life was to busy when xxx was on the scene.

What if you don't have a sweetie but  are not in either category?  Well the short answer is to get out and about and meet new and interesting people by doing things you want to do that involve other people.  No, sitting home and facebooking, lava life lurking and blogging just don't cut it in my experience, unless you actually can get some face time with the people you are interacting with over the net.  

And that gets me to the reason I have to finish this off for today - I am going out to join my ice skating meet up group and must run and get ready.

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