Monday, August 10, 2009

Bad Weather or Inappropriate Clothing?

We have been having thunderstorms in the last handful of days, of the sort that reminds me of Florida in the summertime. Intense heat and humidity and then late in the day as the heat builds the rain lets go. I really don't mind this weather - I love the heat and the rain always cools things a bit. So bad weather is all a matter of perspective. You just need to have an umbrella handy!

I feel like I have been climbing a mountain all this summer. I hate to sound like a broken record - it seems like the only thing I say these days is "Gosh, I am busy!", but I have been so consumed by stuff to do, well it hasn't seemed to be summer. But then we were not having hot weather so it was not too bad. That changed on Friday when summer July like temps and humidity arrived. I am really yearning to be less busy and up north at my Georgian Bay Shangra-La... *sigh*

However, if I have been climbing a mountain in this last while, I feel like I am reaching the summit at long last. My project at work is finally, I think, starting to look like the downhill side of things and I have my summer home improvement project (my guest suite/office) completed and "the wedding" is done and finished. Oh ya, I have been so busy with everything I have not even had time to blog about the last two items. They made my Facebook account and that is all - so I should first cover those two items as a priority. Hopefully in the next few weeks I should be able to get back to blogging with some regularity - still probably only 2 or 3 posts a week - but just as importantly get out to visit a few of the bloggists I have enjoyed reading and commenting on in the past months. My apologies friends if I seem not there - I have not been there!

My New Office/Guest Room

So for the "feathering of my nest" - the first weekend of August, I spend doing a major number on my 2nd bedroom. It had been officially 6 months since my daughter Laura moved out and as the statute of limitations had been reached, I declared her "launched" and set about converting her room. It was a whirlwind project as I have no time to spare. It went like this:

->Saturday I painted the room, (ok, there was more than just that - I couldn't find my paint tray so went to a friends to borrow and got a flat tire on the way and had to detour to get my tire repaired,
- Sunday morning I touched up paint, then went to Ikea and bought 7 boxes containing: Sofa Bed, cover, mattress and cushions, desk, office chair and supplies/filing cabinet and have it delivered Sunday night (yes they do!)
->On the way back from Ikea I rented a carpet cleaner to clean both bedroom carpets while waiting for the furniture to arrive
-> Monday I assembled the furniture. Actually this spanned the next couple of nights after work as well.

So this:

Turned into this:

The Wedding

WARNING: The following is a "bragging book"... (So, let me be a Mom for half a blog, OK?)

My son Eric was the first to occupy the guest bed/sofa bed on Thursday night and he proclaimed it extremely comfortable!

So that is the lead in to the other big thing going on in my life over the last week. My son Eric was up visiting from Phoenix where he lives. My X, the father of all my children, remarried on Saturday and my 2 daughters and 3 sons were all in the wedding party!

I had some really good bonding opportunities with my daughters as we took Friday to primp with mani/pedi's and Saturday with hair do's and primping. It may seem a bit odd to some folks reading this but I was invited to the wedding and partied along with everyone, particularly my children. It was great to see my grown children all in their fancy best.

So here they all are with their "significant others". Except Eric - sadly, Kara was not able to make it up from Phoenix.

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