Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Day at Toronto Island

Yesterday was my birthday. And as birthdays go, it was pretty good. A day to myself and a wonderful dinner with my Son Jeff and his G/F Amanda (More about that in the next blog).

As you start having more birthday's behind you than you can expect ahead of you I guess it stands to reason that you get a bit laid back about them. A couple of things I have come to terms with.

Firstly, I have learned not to expect anything from anybody at this time. As the years march on, well, I have come to understand that what I really value in family and friends is that they are always if I should be in need - and they all seem to be that and more. Don't get me wrong - I am very happy and pleased when I see all those "Happy B-Day Wishes" on my Facebook and when some, if not all of my children remember to call and wish me well, but I just don't get bent out of shape if my birthday is a bit quiet and unremarked.

Secondly, I have learned to make my birthday special for myself and by myself. In these last 3-4 years of "singleness", I have learned to be very self sufficient and to build a birthday that marks the occasion in a way that I find special and to me that is probably more important to me that someone else making it special. I treat myself to something special and I try and do something I would not ordinarily do. While there is no doubt that if "Mr Special" was firmly ensconced in my world, it would be much nicer to do that something special with him, however, that doesn't mean I can't really enjoy my B-Day on my own steam.

I took the day yesterday and went to the Beach at Hanlan's Point on the Toronto Island. I look at that beach every day from my balcony. The day was so very hot and hazy - perfect beach weather! The picture above is the beach as I see it from my balcony. The picture below is the beach as seen from where I sat sunning myself.

From where I sit on my balcony I can see the beach so clearly, but looking back at my condo from the beach? Not so! My condo is so tiny I can hardly make it out! If you click on the picture to get a better look, you can just make out my condo behind the red structure which is the BMO Soccer Field.

I took the ferry boat over and back and it does give a great view of the downtown - from the south rather than from my usual vantage point to the west.

Unfortunately, I got a nasty sunburn - but not as bad as some of the nude sunbathers at the beach I am sure. It is a clothing optional beach. :)

I couldn't resist posting the pic I took of the gorgeous flower by the ferry dock.

Next blog is going to be for the foodies! Some great food was had on Saturday night!

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