Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A bit of this and that


I have to admit that I missed blogging for 2 days.    This is my 60th post in  66 days - my first post being January 11th.     So I have missed 6 days in all.  Not perfect – but then who is perfect?  Good enough that I have gotten past the point of wondering if I will acquire the habit of blogging, wondering if I will run out of topics or even enthusiasm. 

But I do run out of time and find it challenging to devote the time I would like to my blogs.  They will necessarily will need to become a bit shorter as a rule, particularly now that the weather is starting to become nicer.  I will want to be outside more – walking and enjoying the city around me and on weekends up at Collingwood enjoying the walking and hiking trails which are in abundance up there. 

Laura popped in to visit last night.  She had a new cast installed on Monday and it is a nice fibreglass one – much smaller than the plaster one and she now is able to go back to work which is a cause for great celebration. 

The good news is that her bones are knitting well and she should have the cast off in 3 weeks and with the new cast she is much more comfortable and able to sleep.  I am glad for her.

Yesterday was St. Patrick's day.

 I am forever amazed at how busy the bars are on this day - they should call it national drinking night!   As I walked home there were line ups at all the Irish Pubs along my route.  I went out for dinner - my companion and I would have preferred to go see Greg Wyard, but chose not to since there would invariably be a line up at the Irish Pub he was playing that night.   Instead we chose the Liberty Cafe who was featuring Rude Jake, both of which I have blogged about in an earlier blog.   

We both had a wonderful evening - but it was not as expected.  Jake happened to be sitting beside us with friends (who planned to accompany him during the evening).  The bar was packed and there was a large crowd at the bar.    There being no stage in the restaurant they normally just move some tables aside to make a small spot the musicians can occupy.  The spot Jake normally occupies to play piano and guitar was blocked entirely by patrons and those tables did not look to be clearing any time soon.  After a time, they gave up thinking that the bar would clear out enough for Jake to play and they sent him on his way.   We were left disappointed  - my companion had wanted to hear Rude Jake.  However the evening was delightful in all other respects (except as always too short!) , so I have no complaints!  Maybe in the coming weeks we will get to go see Rude Jake and his friends. 

This morning I notice that trucks have arrived at the Brazen Head Pub and they are packing up the tents and bits and pieces they needed to kit out their establishment for the event.  Both on route to the Liberty and coming home we noticed that the line ups were very long .  With the main floor dining room and upstairs bar filled and all 3 patios plus a parking lot tent filled to overflowing we can be sure this Toronto Bar Night contributed greatly to a bit of an economic recovery.

I am at home working today – half a day studying for my PMP and half a day working on some documents I need to get finished for work.  Having said that I must get at it - time is marching.

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