Thursday, March 5, 2009

Where did the week go?

As we round the corner past Thursday heading toward the end of the work week I think I will just do a recap of a few noteworthy items.  No rants or advice or navel gazing tonight.  I have only 30 minutes to do this blog – honest – I have set my timer!   Lots to get on with tonight, I have a full plate of other things to get done! 

Work has been quite a challenge, and I will not bore you dear readers with the mundane details that a Project Manager gets involved in.  Suffice to say that the forces of economics and fickleness of events has struck again and I am feeling like I am attached to the end of a yo yo.  Lots to do but still the overwhelming thought that they might cancel the project I am on and I would be looking for work.  

 On the topic of looking for work,
my LinkedIn site  ( has generated me a couple of job leads, which is surprising.   This is a professional networking site I belong to.  I did not quite expect that there would be folks scanning the site in order to find folks who are looking for work.  I really just use it to keep in touch with my professional associates.  However, not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I sent off my resume to both and we will see what happens.  The first one is an opportunity for a 3-6 month contract at TD bank, the other a 3 year contract in Dubai!  Not sure if the Dubai job would be of interest or if I am well qualified for it – but one can always turn down a job offer – right? No guarantee of even an interview for either job – they have a stack of resumes to go through and will pick those they want to talk to – so we will see.

 At the same time in discussions this week with RBC they have maintained that they definitely have work for me on a continuing basis, while they acknowledge it might be difficult if the project I am on were cancelled suddenly.  I hate to just take their word that they will continue to need me, on the other hand I like it there and would like to stay.  I guess I just try to hedge my bets for the moment and see what happens with the other two opportunities.  

 The last point of note for the week is that I have decided to follow a few blogs I am being written by folks in far away places, places I may want to visit. 

I have at this point found a (wanna be) writer in Madrid, Spain ("ProbablyMadrid" on blogspot) who also lived in Dubai and has a great blog from when he was there ("webmasterdubai" on blogspot).  I will make a list of maybe 3-4 other places and find some blogs to read regularly from those places.  Should help me with my travel planning.

Lastly, I am told my dear friend Barb, with whom I am travelling to Las Vegas at the end of March, that it is 24 big sleeps until our trip!  Countdown!   Can you tell I am wishing for a holiday and beach/pool time by the photos I have included with today's blog?

 So that is my blog for tonight.  Spent the last 10 minutes searching out a couple of photos to load it up and publish and I have kept to my 30 minutes for this blog!

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