Friday, March 13, 2009

Busy Week and Now for some Concentrated Study Time

I have really not done much focused studying this week – not that I had planned to do too much, and to tell you the truth it is tough coming home from work with a tired brain and then spending time productively studying.  I had expected this to be the case, so I have not many hours in my study plan allocated to work day evenings.

 Last night was time for family. 

It was my son Jeff’s  birthday – hard to believe he turned 26 this year!   He had gotten back from his Peru trip the week earlier and we had not yet received a first hand account of his trip and so we all enjoyed the stories he had to tell of his “GAP Adventure”.   I blogged a bit about his trip in an earlier blog, so I won’t go into more detail here, except to note that he took over 800 pictures and we probably saw 500 of them last night!  So now I have something new on my Life List: hiking the Andes in Peru.


Our family events tend to be held at my Ex’s house as he has a larger space and with 5 kids and “significant others” (ok sadly usually only 4 + 3/4 "others" attend, as 1+1 live in Phoenix, Arizona) it just makes sense.  David and I have long since made “peace” about our split and chose to be both friends and truly co-parents to our children.   It makes family times much easier to organize and I believe this has sent an important message to our children.  Relationships may change and perhaps romantic relationships might not last but friendships can endure and family commitments are important.  When you have children you are signing on for life – regardless how the relationship which created them makes out. 

So we did a week day dinner at David’s house.  To make it easy we ordered Swiss Chalet  in and focused just on visiting and catching up – it was probably Christmas the last time we were all together.   

Times like these make me feel so lucky to have a family and extended family (as I consider my Ex and his lady Maria) who are all so close.  It is a bit sad that Eric and Kara cannot join us but we are hopeful that we will be graced by a visit later in the year.

 So now it is Friday and it is back to study mode.   My exam is only 1 week away!!! 

I have to make the best use of my time this weekend and for next week also during the week, so will not blog so much over this next week. 

Will let you know how I make out tomorrow!

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