Friday, March 6, 2009

It is 10:30 and I haven’t yet started my blog.  Just got back from the hospital.  I got a call just as I was finishing up at work and it was my daughter Laura (or Lilly as she is more often called).  She was at work (she is a bar maid these days at the Dogs Bullocks Bar) and she said she had broken her hand and needed to go to the hospital.   Of course, I rushed home and grabbed the car and went to pick her up. 

It was nearly 6:00 by the time we were on our way to the hospital.  She had earlier that afternoon fallen down the stairs of her apartment and hurt both her arm and her knee.  Arm in sling she set off for work, but once there she realized she was in far too much pain to work.  Thus the call to Mom.  I have included a picture of Lilly taken last year to the right.

Laura and I passed the next several hours in various waiting areas of the St. Joseph Health Centre’s Emergency Department.  We were joined by a number of “stinky” people who seemed to want to engage in conversation and as Lilly put it “smelled of pee”.  Once was plainly drunk.   

Once we had waited a more than adequate amount of time, Laura was medicated and th Percocets made her forget her pain.   We joked that they should drug everyone who comes to emerg (even the family and friends) and just wake us up when it is our turn.  We were starving by that point and made plans to stop for burgers as soon as we left the hospital.  In due course, she was given a sling, x-rayed and the diagnosis made that she has fractured her arm in 2 places.   The knee is just strained.  She has a temporary cast and will need to go to the fracture clinic first thing in the morning for her permanent cast. 

The bright note?  They have Sponge Bob fibreglass cast plasters she can have.   Sadly, she is going to have a tough time working for the next while and I am not sure how she will manage to pay her bills this month.

So I am exhausted from my hours of waiting and need to pack it in for the night and mentally prepare for my study day tomorrow.  Will blog tomorrow night and let you know how both Lilly and I are making out.

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