Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Scattered and Fragmented Mind

What to write in my blog tonight?  A dilemma – can I manage a short, pert piece and get on with the other things I need to do before bed?  I check my clock – 9:15! 

Later than I would have liked but for sure enough time if I make haste.  

Today was a gorgeous day weather wise – but this did not help me stay focused on my studying.  I moved myself out onto my balcony and sat there on my lounge chair memorizing stuff for a few hours.   Other things kept wandering into my area of focus.  

The look of the lake – it was extraordinary, with a milky white haze hovering over the water further out onto the lake. 

The white lake blended into a white coloured sky in the distance.  Here on the shore there were no clouds, but I suppose out on the lake perhaps it was cloudy and the heat of the day may have been causing mist to rise in middle of the lake providing the white background.  

My construction “hole” on the street opposite – a concrete and steel monolith is rising out of the hole and the west side is now approaching street level.  I can see the progress made in the last month. 

The park below – folks have broken through the fence and have claimed it ready for use – dogs frolicking folks sitting on benches chatting.  Idly I wonder when things will start to green up… (ha nice joke, eh – try next month) 

The movie I watched last night – The Watchmen – which I enjoyed a lot and would highly recommend.  My date from last night, which I would not. 

My mind wandered further afield – spring is in the air and poetry is begging to be written.  My mind is calling to me to unload this poem which is crying to get out – to be written – to be acknowledged.  Spent an hour heeding the call to the poet in me. 

Laura arrives – I am her hairdresser now and she is in need of a shampoo.  We chat – she eats – and I drive her home. 

Back to work.  Focus – keep at it.  Finally I finish the practice exam I had started writing hours ago.  Joy of joys!  74%  - not as good as I would like, but certainly acceptable.   I decide that I can get away with only 1 more day off work to study.  When Friday rolls around I will do my last review and ready my mind for the exam the next day. 

Blog done – I can now sit back and relax with what remains of my weekend!

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  1. Your weather is starting to get nice at the same time ours is starting to get unpleasant. Highs of 30+ degrees this week here!

    The view from your place must be so great for writing and poetry inspiration. When I get to see great views, it's when we're hiking, and at that point I'm usually sweating, thirsty, and too busy realizing how out of shape I am to be inspired. But hey, that's what photographs are for. :)


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