Friday, April 24, 2009

Another Blog in Support of Poetry Month

In yesterday's blog, I made a brief mention of my sister-in-law's "Poetry Event". I would have gone into that further, except I thought that it would make a good single topic blog and the one I had embarked on was already too long. Besides, I didn't want to start my discussion of poetry month by saying that my sister-in-law is a poet and so please buy her books... :)

However, having now said my general piece yesterday in support of Poetry Month, let me tell you about my brother's wife Ronda Wicks Eller, who runs a small poetry publishing house and is herself a published poet.

She and my brother live outside the small rural community of Clinton, ON. Last year, during Poetry Month she organized a poetry reading in the town and I was able to travel there to enjoy the Poets reading their work.

I did enjoy listening to the 6 featured poets and the 8 "open mic" poets who participated in the event. However, I found that I am a more appreciative of the conventional poetry and did find some of the poems that were "on the fringe", such as the sound poems, to be a bit too "out there" for me. (OK, so Charles Bernstein would sneer at me - but I hope my sister-in-law does not!) Having said that I enjoyed the afternoon immensely and so did my friend who attended with me. He was visiting from London England. He found some of the language references in the poetry to be bewildering and we talked about some of the differences in language all the way home.

Ronda's company, SkyWings Press has a web site and you can see it here along with a write up of the poetry event I spoke about and the poets she represents and the poetry collections you can purchase from her company.

You can read Ronda's bio here.

I will finish with a plug for her book of Poetry:

The Lion and the Golden Calf
by Ronda Eller,
84 pg, softcover, 2008 SkyWing Press
ISBN-13: 978-0-9809335-0-5

TO PURCHASE you can go to her websight and do so through the internet or send cheque or money order for $10 in Canadian funds to SkyWing Press, 37912 Jenkins Rd., RR2 Clinton, ON N0M 1L0. Be sure to include a full PRINTED (not handwritten) mailing address for shipment. Shipping is within 5 business days from receipt of your order.

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