Sunday, April 12, 2009

Smorgasborg Sunday

SO annoying when your computer screws up and you find that somehow the blogger software didn't save your work like as it is supposed to do!  Before I try and rewrite the last 30 minutes of creativity let me blow some steam.  

I have this awful habit of being in a rush and hitting the wrong spot in the web browser tab and on more than a few occasions I hit the x rather than the tab and then of course I close the tab rather than go to the tabbed page.  Which would not be bad if it would warn me if I was going to lose data - but it doesn't!   To make matters worse, the blogger software is supposed to auto save your work and I know it does it every several minutes - except for some reason today, because when I went to reopen and continue to edit the blog, it said it had nothing saved since this morning when I started collecting ideas for today's blog.  


OK, so now I start again!  I had started the blog with a comment about how nice it was that it there was still some daylight at 7:15.  It is now 7:55 and there is still a wee bit of light - but not much.   I suppose that is nice, but somehow now the mood has been broken and I am not quite so thrilled.

(By the way, I notice it has now autosaved this draft twice in the last 5 minutes!   what in the hell happened to the last hour's work!!!!!!!!!   I want it back!!!)    

Movie Night - The Unbearable Lightness of Being

As promised a review of this 1988 movie.  It was definitely not a romance.  I would rate it quite highly, well done, thought provoking, but a somewhat tragic and it left me a bit melancholy  (but not as melancholy as losing an hours work does!).  Though, it was not without its lighter moments.   The characters were well acted, quite likeable despite their lack of remorse for their less than moral behaviour (hmm, I guess we are all mostly like that and can justify our way out of things)  and their complexities were well portrayed.   Some great (and real) footage of the Soviet takeover of the Czech Republic in 68 and excellent scenes which conveyed the hopelessness of their situation at the time.  (eh, but what goes around comes around, huh - look at the Soviets now)..  Sorry, just can't get into putting the same mindset for this review the 2nd time around.  I suspect I am a tad more snippy this time.

The Obamas welcome Bo, a six-month old Portuguese water dog and a gift from 
Senator and Mrs. Kennedy to Sasha and Malia.
Glad to hear that the White House is getting its "First Dog".  I wonder how long it will take before Sasha and Malia are delegating the dog walks.  LOL  (speaking as a Mom who has not only animal duties but also paper route duties delegated)

I found this funny bit of Obama news when skimming the blog sites which I subscribe too.  P
Mazel Tov to President Obama. On Thursday evening, he hosted the first-ever Seder for Passover in the White House. A rabbiwho was not scheduled to attend said, “"I'm only sorry that I won't be there to see the president and his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel say at the same time, 'Once we were all slaves. Now we are all free.'" More here.

Arr, me hearty, keelhaul dem Buccanneers!!

I have been watching the Pirate Episodes unfold with great interest wondering how long it would take the Americans to get pissed off enough to get out their sharp shooters and take out those nasty guys.  Obama, ever the diplomat, authorized lethal force only if the captain's life was endangered.  (Bush would have had them shoot first and ask questions later.)  Of course it just took time before it got to that because there was no win/win in this scenario.  I was glad to see they got the captain out without harm and not sorry that the scallywags got it good.  Really pissed me off that they would pirate a ship carrying food aid to Africa.  Food Aid To Africa, for God's Sake!!  Like the Mafia shaking down old ladies for their food stamps!   

I say it is high time the world governments got together and took the same attitude towards these African pirates as they have done to other terrorists and rogue nations.

From the Funny Files:

Happy Easter Everyone!

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