Thursday, April 2, 2009

Home Again

Just arrived home tonight from my Las Vegas trip.  I am happy but very tired from an absolutely fun packed holiday.  So today's blog will be short.  Was thinking that I would write about my trip over the next few weeks  in little 2 paragraph installments - there is just so much in Las Vegas to see and tell about.  Not to mention my 450 photos, which I have downloaded just now and saw there is definitely more than a couple worthy of sharing.

Tomorrow is a work day and I am running under absolute sleep deprivation - I did pack a lot into the 4 day holiday.    So for now, let me just give you the bottom line - Vegas is fun and interesting and there is lots to do besides gamble.   I had a great time with my friend Barb.  We had lots of great conversation and a whole pile of side splitting laughs!      The architecture of the Casinos and hotels is spectacular and the shows are first class.  Also a day excursion out to Grand Canyon just sets it off as a spectacular holiday.  
Vegas at night is a sight to behold!   I would definitely go
back and find lots still to do.

Tomorrow night I will do a more lengthy blog and tell you about one of the items of interest I found in Vegas.  For now, I need to spend some time with my dog (who missed me!).  A hot bath and a full nights sleep should restore me to a reasonably functioning human being for tomorrow's work day.


  1. Funny picture! Happy you had fun!

  2. Wow! What a great picture of the Grand Canyon. I haven't yet seen the Grand Canyon. It is a destination that I hope to include on my travels one day.

  3. Stay tuned - I have lots more to come in future blogs... I have just covered two small bits of my trip as yet. I did get lots of great pictures.


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