Monday, April 6, 2009

This and that for a Monday Morning

I want one!

I came across something the other day when watching a TED talk on new innovations and as it turned out, one of the items was not new just perhaps new to us folk who do not live in Japan. Apparently nearly half of all Japanese homes are equipped with one and I I think that it would be really neat to have one in my home. What is it you might ask? A Toto Washlet S400!

Just watch the video at this URL and tell me you wouldn't like one too
The lid lifts as you approach and lowers as you leave; It sprays warm water and cleans you and then blow dries you! And even an air sanitizer!  A hands free toilet visit!  Just like on Star Trek !  Oh yes, and the toilet seat is heated for those cold winter mornings.  LOL

Obama in the Centre

I have a subscription to an Ezine called World Wide Words, which provides a weekly article featuring interesting, odd and misused English language words. This week's made me chuckle when I read this entry:
A New York Times article about President Obama’s meeting on March 27 with the heads of financial institutions had him, to the mild surprise of Paul Ayars, “sitting at the center of a round table in the state dining room.” In the lotus position, perhaps?

Happy News

Yes, there is such a URL!!! I found this news item on the Happy News site:We are one step closer to having a flying car! It is called a "roadable aircraft" and has made its successful maiden flight, according to Terrafugia, the company that is developing it.  The vehicle is expected to go on sale as early as 2011 for around $194,000. To learn more, read the full story:,2933,509656,00.html

Fado Music
Last night I listened to my favourite radio show, In the Key of Charles.  He does a program each week on CBC radio and he chooses a different theme each week.  This week's theme was "Crying Music" and he played all sorts of genres following this theme.  As he played a Fado, I was reminded how much I love this music. 

Fado originates from Portugal and since we have a good number of Portuguese here in Toronto we also have some local Fado musicians who have been getting a good deal of air play on CBC recently.  Fado translates to destiny or fate and is typified as a form of music characterized by mournful tunes and lyrics, often about the sea or the life of the poor.  Wiki says that some claim that Fado's origins are a mixture of African slave rhythms with the traditional music of Portuguese sailors and Arabic influence.   I find the music  quite beautiful because of the classical guitar and the deep emotion conveyed by the music .
If you are interested in hearing some Fado take a listen:

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