Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter Monday

I must admit I am starting to get impatient to have spring unfold itself a little bit more.  We seem to have gotten ourselves stuck with  -5 or -6 at night and  +6 or +7 high in the daytime.  I need my winter jacket as I walk to work in the early morning and even as I walk home at night, as it cools right down as soon as the sun falls low on the horizon.  What I long for is short sleeves in the daytime and a light jacket at night.  Even warmer would be much nicer, but I promise not to complain one bit about the weather, if I could just put away my winter jacket once and for all!

So it is Monday and for me the end of a normal work day.  For some of you lucky to have the day off, it was Easter Monday.  Never quite understood the significance of Easter Monday, except that it was a holiday for those folks who do not get Remembrance Day off.   

Did a bit of research.  In the East Orthodox Religion it is known Bright Monday or Renewal Monday.  In Poland and parts of the USA it is known as Dyngus Day or Wet Monday.   Actually, everyone used to celebrate all of the following week after Easter Sunday, but I guess we can thank the modern era for no week long religious holidays anymore.  (LOL)   Events include egg rolling competitions and, in predominantly Roman Catholic countries, dousing other people with water - that is holy water.  It has been traditional for the White house to host Egg Rolls.  When I read on Twitter today that the President was at an Easter Egg Roll Opening, I immediately thought Chinese Food.  Boy, was I wrong!  I have posted the pic from the White House site showing the President partaking in the egg rolls.  The map shows countries which have an Easter Monday Holiday.

So I had a full day of work.  Which gets me to the next point of discussion, whether I should start a pool to bet on whether my project at work gets cancelled and if I will be out of work in the next month.  After today's business meeting, I am guessing that it is just as likely that my project will be cancelled.  Well, at least in a month the weather will have for sure improved!

I have been so impressed with the Canada Live Concerts that are played every night on CBC Radio 2 and which can be played "on demand" from their website.   Saturday night they featured a Toronto Fado Artist by the name of Sonia Tavares - Live at Lula Lounge .  The concert was recorded in early March at the Lula Lounge, here in Toronto.  I have spoken in a previous blog about the Portuguese Fado music.  Click here to go to that blog and read more about Fado.   This was a great concert.  It seems I am listening to more and more world music.  Toronto is such a diverse city - we have every culture here and this reflects greatly in the live music which is available to enjoy.   Incidently, you should check out the live music concerts "on demand" at the CBC website - there are some awesome artists available for the listen! 

Happy Easter Monday!

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  1. Are you familiar with forro, music from Northeastern Brazil? Sometime ago my husband and I hosted an exchange student from Brazil who liked forro. Forro is lively music, music for dancing.


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