Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nice Day, Stormy Night

Yesterday the weather was spectacular. Having seen that the weather was to degrade as the day progressed, and having received a call from my daughter Tegan who wanted to "borrow" my dog Bella to go walking in the Beach with her friends, I decided to take the opportunity to get out and do errands in the afternoon and at least be able to drive around with the window down and my arm hanging out. After I dropped Bella off at Tegan's house (for those that don't know - she lives with her Dad), I carried on to Best Buy to get a desktop version of Quick Tax (the short time I was using the Internet version it was really slow) and a new printer. Actually I really only needed new ink cartridges, but it seems it was just as cheap to buy a new printer - and the new printer has a wireless connection to the network and is a copier/scanner/fax as well!!!

It was nice to get out and get a taste of the wonderful weather - officially "no coat" weather! Once I got home I got right into my taxes and I can now brag that they are done!

We had a tremendous storm here last evening. I snapped some pics from my balcony.

As the storm approached, a tremendous wind came up and the sky darkened as if it was going to be the end of the world. Since we have had no rain in a while, the dry earth from the construction sites was blown about like the ground was on fire and smoke was pouring forth. A real dust storm as the winds arrived in advance of the rain. Stuff was flying off balconies and below, folks were running for cover.
The sky was dark over the city but the clouds were high and as they rolled in from the west it was was as if someone was painting the sky black on a canvas starting at the top.

The visual effect was quite interesting. Particularly the clouds, as the white clouds were swirling within the black clouds. The pictures, of course, don't do it justice, but I think if you click to get the large view you will see a bit of what I saw.

I saw no damage from yesterday's storm in my neighbourhood, although the news reports said that elsewhere trees were uprooted and shingles torn off with winds of 54 KM per hour! Apparently, the windiest day we have had in Toronto in 30 years!

The weather today is much chillier than it was yesterday. Not unpleasant, but cloudy, windy and damp and definitely "coat weather". Yesterday was just a tease!

I have some things to get done, but want to blog some more about my Las Vegas trip later, so say tuned, perhaps I be able to do a "two in one day" blog to make up for some of the (few) missed blog days.

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  1. That looks like quite a storm you had! Here in the "south" (NW Pennsylvania), it was windy. I thought we were going to get a storm; the storm never materialized though. Today we still are experiencing summer-like temperatures. The heat, I am sure, is going to create instability. We'll have a storm one day soon, I believe.


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