Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 Year of Change

Last year, 2008, was my material girl year, I think. At least I did spend a hell of a pile of coin. (Note to self: create a blog, subject - last year's excesses. ) This year starts with the result of one of my major expenditures - over $9,000 in facial improvements. By the way that ain't a heck of a lot of surgery... unless you travel to India - which I did not. Of that amount about $800 was spent on botox and a small amount of facial filler ( to fill up some major chin lines - which will need to be done again next year if i like the look. Not sure if I want to spend $1,000 or more a year to keep my chin looking young - or at least if I do I should cost/benefit the same effect with a lower face lift - will pay for itself in about 8 years...

The rest of the money was spent on an upper and lower Blepharoplasty or eyelid lift. Or more precisely, an upper lift and a lower bag removal. Not that my eyes were intolerably saggy and baggy. No, you can see from my blog photo (of course, touched up with makeup) that my eyes were not hideous. Although there was the little matter of photos when tired - the left eye always looked partially shut if the photo was taken at night. Made me look just a little bit stupid. Aside from that, it did bother me (the little voice "looking older Peggy") and so with a strategy of why fix this later when I can enjoy the fruits of the result now (while I have some hope of still being able to find a compatible significant other) - I decided to have the surgery as the finale of my year of the spend.
This is my untouched (no makeup) eyes "before photo".

Tuesday Jan 6th, Dr. Addison removed an 18mm wide strip of upper eyelid skin from each eye and sucked out the fat from under my lower eyelids and tightened them a tad also. Today is Sunday and I can finally see sufficiently and comfortably enough to use the computer for more than 5 minutes in a stretch. The swelling is starting to subside and I am getting a glimpse of my new eyes. I am thinking they will look great but at this point they still look very pissed off at me for subjecting them to this indignity. So be it. They will eventually thank me. But maybe not for as much as 6 weeks.
Will finish this later. Getting a bit uncomfortable and need to rest these peepers.
This is today's photo. For some reason my jaw is also swollen and bruised- apparently the swelling is affected by gravity. I have lots more pics from the last 5 days but they are all too scary to put up on the web. At least not unless along side a stunning "after" photo. Hopefully that will come.

Mobile Blogging from here.
By the way a note on the above "Mobile Blogging from here" - when I post from my iPhone it will give you my approximate location when posting the blog - but be aware that the iPhone GPS is not very accurate - seems to be as much as a half a mile off.

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